An Insight Into Web 3.0 Layout

Web 3.0 Is The Next Level In Progress Of The Global Web World And Will Deal With The Inefficiencies Of Web 2.0 As We Know It To Be. Though Views Are Different As To How It Will Be, It Is Being Considered As A Level Of Developing The Web Significantly More ‘personal’.

Web 3.0 Is Being Referred To By Experts As The Semantic Web Which Means Data Driven. The Data Will Come From The User And The Web Will Preferably Adjust To Meet The Needs Of The User.

Web 3.0 Design Trends

In A Way Of Design, Many Of The Web 2.0 Designs Will Be Modified Keeping The Utilization Part As It Is. The Transition Of Web 2.0 To Web 3.0 Is Mainly About-how The Web Will Be Used Globally And Not The Visibility Part (with An Exclusion To Cellular Phones And Such). I Believe The Designs Will Remain Simple With An Added Sense Of Creativity And Beauty. In A Way The Web 3.0 Design Will Be More Depending Upon The Way We Designers Decide To Design It And What Acclaims Fame.


While Both CSS3 And HTML5 Are Integrated Into Google And Firefox To Some Extent (current Versions Only), Google Is Far More Ahead Of The Game In Support, With Internet Explorer Lagging Behind. Some Renowned Professional Web Designers Have Begun To Use This, Although They Are Using Fallback Styles So That Internet Explorer Users Can Still Enjoy The Website. It’s A Firm Belief That The Support For This Will Get Better As More And More Sites Start Using It.

Minimal Use Of Color

Use Of 2–3 Colours At Most Is Advisable With A Saturation Depth Of Color To Mix It Up. You Can Use Red, Yellow, Blue And Green In Their Most Basic Types And Make Them Deeper Or Brighter.

Large Qualifications Images

Make Sure The Image Size Does Not Exceed 1 MB And That All The Pictures Are Well Optimized For The Web. Some Mobile Applications Have Usability Issues. Touchscreen Gadgets Have No Ability To Hover And Therefore You Cannot Use The Dropdowns. Large Pictures Must Also Be Scaled Down For Their Use In Cellular Phones Or You Will Encounter An Unnecessary Horizontal Scrolling. Also Most Of The Mobile Users Pay According To Data Usage, So You Need To Make The Mobile Site Lean And Mean.

Liquid Layouts

This Is A Journal Type Structure Where A Website Visitor Can Switch Through The Web Page Using A Hyperlinked Table Of Material.

Depth Perception

Depth Perception Is All About Providing  dimensions To Your Site With Shadows And Layers For A Real  3-dimensional Look. Also, You Need To Look At The Bigger Images With A Selective Focus As Blurring Parts Of An Image Can Decrease Its Size. Complicated 3-d Images, Flash Designs And Gradients Are All  going Out Of Fashion.


You Need To Work With A Focus On Creating Simplicity And Ease Of Use For The Users. Your Mobile Users Should Have The Same Experience As Your Laptop And PC Crowd. Creating Two Different Designs-one For Your Mobile Users And One For The Rest Will Consume Much Of Your Time, Effort And Expense. So, Having One Simplistic Design Is Going To Be The Trend. You Can Also Work Out A Separate Mobile Design That Is A Lite Version Of Your Website. Moving Ahead You Can Add Links To The Full Site So That If The Users Want To Read More They Can Proceed.


Bigger Title Bars With Reduced Tracking And Kerning For The Mobile Crowd, San Serif Fonts, Crisp And Clean Fonts, Mixing Bold And Light Fonts In The Same Word Of Sentence, Pressed Letters, And Most Of Them All Readability Is The New Trend. Bigger Text For Your Headlines And Logos Is The Current Trend For The Desktop. You Need To Be Sure That They Are Scaled Down For Mobile Users.

QR Codes

Quick Response Codes Storing Addresses And Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) May Appear In Magazines, On Signs, On Buses, On Business Cards, Or On Almost Any Object About Which Users Might Need Information. Users With A Camera Phone Equipped With The Correct Reader Application Can Scan The Image Of The QR Code To Display Text, Contact Information, Connect To A Wireless Network, Or Open A Web Page In The Telephone’s Browser.

Friends, Web 2.0 Is All About Usability Including Html Web Design And Css Web Design. There Is A Likelihood That Web 3.0 Will Be More About Mobile Design And Readability In Smaller Viewports.

But Good Web Design Will Always Be Timeless.

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