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Deciding The Details Of A Website Can Be A Challenging And Formidable Feat. Many Companies Thrive On Developing On The Developments Cycle When Creating Great Products, But Hammering Out The Last 1 Percent Can Very Difficult For Them. All The Different Elements Fold Into Each Other To Make A Cohesive Product. If The Elements Don’t Align Correctly It Can Be Disastrous. Deciding On The Proper Font To Use On A Website Can Be One Crucial Element But There Are Several Key Fonts That Shine Above The Rest.

How Users Can Change Fonts In Internet Explorer

To Know Which Fonts To Use We Need To Understand The Ecosystem In Which Fonts Live. Fonts Are Very Important To Users. Many Browsers Allow For Users To Set Which Font They Desire To Be The Default Font Displayed On Websites. This Shows That Many Users Believe That The Default Font On Many Websites Are Lackluster.

w3schools Tutorial On Using Fonts Through CSS

There Are Many Great Tutorials Different For Ways To Implement Different Fonts For Websites. The  web Developer Information Website W3schools Gives A Great Tutorial. One Way To Implement Font Changes Is Through Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). For People Who Don’t Wish To Deal With CSS There Are Easier Ways.

A Tutorial For WordPress On Changing Fonts

Besides Using CSS There Are Plugins For Many Content Management System Such As WordPress. The WP Google Fonts Plugin Is A Great Simple Plugin For WordPress.  This Plugin Uses Google Web Fonts But Users Can Also Use Their Own Custom Fonts. Of Course As Veteran WordPress User Know, User Can Also Change The CSS Through The Theme Settings.

Installed Font Prevalence On Windows

There Are Issues To Consider To Know Before Even Picking A Font. If The Computer Even Has The Font Installed Already. There Are Available Statistics On Which Browser Already Have The Desired Fonts. The Website Have Satistics On The Most Prevalent Fonts On Windows. If A User Has To Enlarge The Site Because The Font Is Too Small Then The Layout Of The Website May Be Compromised. If You Don’t Want To Use A Custom Font For Text You Can Still Use Custom Fonts For Graphics And Pictures.

Now We Have Covered The Basic Information On Fonts, We Can Now Explore Different Font Sets. There Are Several Sites That Give Have Large Catalogues Of Fonts. If You Need To Explore A Variety Of Fonts There Is No Shortage Of Different Fonts Online.

The Website Has A Large Collection Of Fonts. The Website Is Neatly Organized.  Users Should Not Be Deterred To Download And Try Out Many To Fonts Because Font Downloads Are Very Small. The Files Are Approximately 85 Kilobytes For Each Font. Website Also Shows How The Font Looks Like For Each Letter And Number On The Font’s Personal Page.

Segoe Print

If Web Designers Want To Use Something Different, But Not Anything Exorbitant Or Over The Top I Would Use The Segoe Print Font. It Is Very Readable, Simple And Clean. The Font Has Subtle Contours Which Gives The Font A Basic Style.

Vladimir Script

If A Designer Wants To Use Cursive I Would Suggest Vladimir Script. Its Hard To Read In Small Sizes But When The Font Size Is 16 And Up The Font Is Really Clear. This Weakness Is True For Almost Any Cursive Font Because The Curves In All Cursive Fonts Mesh Together In Small Sizes.

Lucida Bright

Lucida Bright Is A Simple Font For Website Which Is Great For A Variety Of Things. Lucida Bright Can Be Great For Blogging Because It Doesn’t Take From The Words And Lets People Just Soak In What The Text Says.

Palatino Linotype

Any Font Used Should Match The Website. Be Creative, If You Are Creating A Page For A Fantasy Game Then Have The Font Reflect The World. For A Page About Elves Use A Font That Looks Elvish Or Elegant. There Are Fonts That Try Took Like They Were Written By Elves, Dwarfs, Ancient Being, And Even Aliens. A Page For A Wedding May Want Something Elegant Or Old Fashioned. There Even Fonts Design For Holidays Like Christmas, Halloween And Valentine’s Day. There Are A Ton Of Different Websites And A Ton Of Fonts To Match Them.

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