Consumers and Social Commerce

Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are becoming the modern marketplaces, with more and more shoppers turning to these platforms to make purchases with their favourite brands.

Social media sites now continue to add and expand upon the ability for shoppers to buy directly through their platforms, instead of being redirected to a retailer’s website. Both Facebook and Instagram have added features and formats which encourage users to take actions on posts through ‘Shop Now’ or similar buttons.

Although the functionality is there, many brands are yet to embrace this type of shopping and add the option to their pages. Even though consumers are not able to shop with all brands through social media, they are using many brand social media pages to decide on what to buy. eBay is one of the companies that is hastily starting to embrace social commerce, so these days you can find information about a plethora of eBay discounts right on their Facebook page. This is a massive indicator of just how huge social commerce will be in the future. If consumers are using social media pages to decide what to buy, then they are likely to buy the product there and then if the option was open to them.

Research has shown that ‘social shoppers’ visit social networks as part of their shopping behaviour, and use images which brands post on social media pages to dictate their purchasing habits. A third of online shoppers, for example, say they use brands’ Facebook pages to decide which products to buy.

If you want to learn more about social commerce and how it all works, check out our infographic below for some interesting facts and figures.

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