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Unless You Are Sleeping Beauty Who Woke Up After Years Of Sleep, You Are Probably Acquainted With E-commerce Or Electronic Commerce. Simply Putting It Down, E-commerce Is The Buying And Selling Of Product Or Service Over Electronic Systems Such As The Internet And Other Computer Networks. E-commerce Works On Technologies Such As electronic Funds Transfer, Supply Chain Management, Internet Marketing, online Transaction Processing, electronic Data Interchange (EDI), inventory Management Systems, And Automated data Collection systems. E-commerce Websites Are Eminent Everywhere For The Ease With Which One Can Buy And Sell Products.


Promoting A Products Or Service With A Well Maintained e-commerce Website Is The Most Effective Way With WordPress Offering The Easiest And The Most Popular Platform For Creating An E-commerce Website. Everywhere In The World Including Most Developed Nations As Well As The Underdeveloped Nations, E-commerce Websites Have Been Appreciated As The Most Convenient Shopping Option. Number Of Shopping Websites Is Increasing Every Single Day And The Demands Are Also Not Going To Get Any Less Given The Technology Does Not Take Another Big Leap. There Are More And More Online Shopping Sites Coming Up Every Day Presenting Them To Be Better Than The Others In The Same Business. But The Biggest Benefit Of E-commerce For Customers Is They Have Enough Time To Search Before Buying A Product. Following Are The Advantages Of e-commerce Websites:


  1. With E-commerce Websites You Can Access Products And Services That Are Not Available In Your Geographical Location. If You Are In A Small Town Where You Are Not Able To Get Hands On A Latest Gadget Or Costume, You Can Order It Online Through E-commerce And Get Them Conveniently.

2. Your e-commerce Website Can Do Broader Business Than Your Local Retail Shop. By Gaining A Good Rank In Search Engine, You Can Get Buyers From Around The Country Or Sometimes Even From Multiple Nations. With Less Efforts, More Patience And Right Strategies You Can Make Your E-commerce Website Feature Among The Most Famous Ones In Your Region.

3. Not Just For Customers But Also For Sellers The Cost Associated With Online Shopping Is Much Lesser Compared To Retailing In The Outside World. The Shoppers Can Choose Wisely After Comparing With Other Available Price Options On Other Websites Hence The Websites Take Care Of Tagging The Price Right. For Setting Up An e-commerce Website Some Investment Is Surely Needed To Promote The Business But That Of Course Is Much Lesser Than The Sum You Would Need To Start A Retail Shop.

4. With E-commerce Most Of Us Who Have Lesser Time To Go Shopping For Every Little Thing Needed In Daily Chores, It Has Become A Time Saver As Well As Travel Saver. Just A Phone Call Or A Click Can Assure You That Your Product Will Be Delivered To You Within A Few Days. This Is Why More And More People Prefer To Order Online Through E-commerce Websites.

5. The Availability Of Various Payment Options Has Made E-commerce More And More Reliable. You Also Have The Facility For Cash On Delivery Which Is Preferred By Many Who Cannot Rely On Other Pay Methods. Some Brands And Sites Also Offer EMI Options And The Buyer Finds It Easy To Purchase Larger Products. The Shipping Convenience And Safe Delivery Of Delicate Products Is Also Enabled In E-commerce.


E-commerce Ways Can Be Categorized Into The Following Types:

  • E-tailing Or “virtual Storefronts” On Web Sites With Online Catalogs, Sometimes Gathered Into A “virtual Mall”
  • The Gathering And Use Of Demographic Data Through Web Contacts And Social Media
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), The Business-to-business Exchange Of Data
  • E-mail And Fax And Their Use As Media For Reaching Prospects And Established Customers (for Example, With Newsletters)
  • Business-to-business buying And Selling
  • The Security Of Business Transactions


The Five Famous Types Of E-commerce Are:

  1. Business To Consumer (B2C)
  2. Business To Business (B2B)
  3. Consumer To Consumer (C2C)
  4. Peer To Peer (P2P)
  5. m-Commerce Or Mobile Commerce


The Aspects You Need To Keep In Mind When Building An E-commerce Site Include:

  • Suppliers – This Is Nothing Dissimilar From The Need That Any Normal Store Or Mail Order Company Has. You Have To Have Good And Reputed Supplier To Be A Good Seller.
  • Your Price End – A Big Element Of E-commerce Is The Verity That Price Comparisons Are Awfully Easy For The Customer. Your Price End Is Significant In A See-through Market.
  • Customer Relations – E-commerce Offers A Diversity Of Special Ways To Relate To Your Purchaser Like E-mail, FAQs, Knowledge Bases, Forums, Chat Rooms, Etc. Assimilating These Features Into Your E-commerce Offering Helps You Can Tell Apart Yourself From The Competition.
  • The Back End: Execution, Returns, Customer Service – These Methods Build Or Breaks Any Retail Business. They Are The Backbone Of The Reputation Your Clients Or Customers Are Going To Have About You.





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