Glossy RSS Icon Design

Let’s Have A Step By Step Process- How To Create A Glossy RSS Icon Button. This Is Specially For My Young Graphic Designers. The Techniques Used For This Tutorial Can Easily Be Used For Other Icons That You Want To Create.

You Are Well Familiar With The Tiny Orange RSS Icon. Now, Instead Of The Tinsey-bitsey Icon We Usually See, Let’s Do Something Graaaand! Let’s Do A Glassy, Huge, 3D RSS Icon. I Am Featuring Here RSS Icon On Glass Base, Using Different Photoshop Techniques.

This Tutorial Is Summarized In Two Parts
1. Icon Base
2. Rss Icon.


Step.1  Create A New Document As Per The Instructions And Data Provided.

Step.2 Make A New Rounded Rectangle With 100% Opacity And 10% Fill .

Step.3 Apply The Gradient Effect From Layer Style As Shown.

Step.4 Apply Bevel And Emboss Effect From Layer Style As Shown In The Image.

Now, Your Image Must Be Looking Exactly As Below.

Step.5 Make Another Rounded Rectangle With The Same Size. Fill It With White Color.  

Step.6 Apply The Bevel And Emboss Effect As Shown.

Step.7 Make A Rounded Rectangle In The Side As Shown Below In RED Color.

Step.8 Apply The Gradient Layer Effect As Required In The Image

Step.9 Apply The Bevel And Emboss With Contour Effect As Shown In The Image.

Step.10 Make Another Rectangle With 38% Opacity, Filled With White Color.

Make Lines At The Top And Bottom Corner With Brush Tool And Color #bbbbbb.

Step.11 For Making A Reflective Image, First Make A Duplicate Copy Of All The Layers And Merge Them All.

Now Flip VERTICALLY And Adjust At The Bottom Of The Top Image.

Take A Eraser And Simply By Adjusting Its Opacity And Flow Give A Reflective Look To The Flipped Image.

Now You Have Your Final Base Of Rss Glass Icon.

Lets Make The RSS Icon Now.


Step.1 Create A New Document As Per The Instructions And Data Provided In The Image.

Step.2 Create Following Shape By A Using Pen Tool And Fill It With Color (color Code –  #ff7c00 ).

Following The Steps And By Scaling Crete As Below.

Make A Circular Dot And Place It As Shown In The Image.

Now We Have Created The RSS SYMBOL Shape.

Step.3 Now Make The Duplicate Of All The Layers And Fill It With (color Code –  #ffa73d ).

Place The Duplicated Group As Shown In The Image.

Step.4 In Order To Create Shadow Of The Icon We Need To Create Another Duplicate Group Of The Above RSS Icon And Place It As Shown In The Below.

Step.5 Just Select As Shown In The Image In Order To Provide An Effect In The Icon.

Now Create A New Layer And Fill It With Orange Color. Also Apply The Gradient Effect As Shown In The Image.

Step.6 Give STROKE To That Layer As Shown In The Image.

Your Final RSS Icon Image Will Look As Below

We Have Completed Our Icon Base And Icon. Time Now To Merge Them…
Take A Look. It’s Done! Here’s Your Glossy RSS Icon.

Hope You Enjoyed!

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