How to Create a Mud Photoshop Text Effect

This Is A Pretty Simple And Eye-catching Text Effect To Create. We’ll Be Using Couple Of Bevel And Emboss, Inner Glow Effect, Few Textures And Brushes Combine Create This Mud Text Effect. You Can Also Download The PSD Of The Tutorial As Well.

Final Image Preview

Before We Get Started, Let’s Take A Look At The Image We’ll Be Creating.

Here Are The Following Graphics You Need To Build The Tutorial Mud Wall Effect Texture.
1. I Used One Of These brown Paper Texture .
2. Used One Of The coffee Stained Brushes
3. Finally I Used One Of The mud Wall Textures.

Open A New Document With 768X1024 Size And Add The Brown Paper Texture Into It.

Step 1

Add The Above Mentioned Paper Texture Into This Document.

Add The Following Filter To The Texture
Filter >> Sharpen >> Unsharp Mask Do This Until You Get That Effect On The Texture.

Step 2

Add Another Layer Above The Texture And Fill The Following Color Code #3c2506 And #84591c And Create A Reflected Gradient Effect Similar Like Below.

Step 3

Add The Text Using This Font Folio XBd BT Or You Can Download That It From here. Also Use The Font Size To 200 And The Color #3C2506

Step 4

Add A Mud Wall Texture On Top Of The Text Layer. Ctrl+left Click On The Text To Load Selection.
Apply A Layer Mask On The Mud Texture With This Selection.

Step 5

Add The Following Layer Effects To Create The Image Like Below.

After Adding This Effect You Will Get This Result.

Step 6

Now Create A Extra Layer Below The Mud Texture Layer.
Load The Text Selection To Select > Modify > Expand By 6 Px. Fill The Selection With #FFFFFF On The New Layer.

Step 7

Add The Following Layer Effect With That White Layer.

You Will Get This Effect.

Step 8

Add This Coffee Stained Brush Downloaded From here

The Final Image

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