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Lomography Emphasizes Casual, Snapshot Photography. Characteristics Such As Over-saturated Colors, Off-kilter Exposure, Blurring, “happy Accidents,” And Alternative Film Processing Are Usually Considered Part Of The Lomographic Technique. Users Are Encouraged To Take A Lighthearted Approach To Their Photography, And Use These Techniques To Document Everyday Life, As The Lomo LC-A’s Small Size, Simple Controls, And Ability To Shoot In Low Light Encourages Candid Photography.

Lomography Is An Analog Camera Movement And Community, And Is Also A Commercial Trademark Of Lomographische AG. The Lomographic Society International Was Founded In 1992 By A Group Of Viennese Students After They Discovered The Lomo LC-A Camera Created By LOMO PLC Of Saint Petersburg, Russia. Since 1995, Lomography Has Been The Sole Distributor Of That Camera Outside Of The Former Soviet Union, And Has Since Moved Into Producing Their Own Range Of Analog Cameras, And Other Imports Such As The Diana Camera.

Lomography’s Website Showcases Many High-contrast Photographs – With Unusual Saturation And Color – That Were Created Using The Technique Called Cross Processing In Which Film Intended For Developing In Slide Chemistry (E-6) Is Processed In Photographic Negative Chemistry (C-41), And Vice Versa. This Technique Can Be Employed With Any Film Camera And Can Be Somewhat Mimicked With Photo-editing Software Such As GIMP Or Photoshop. However The Use Of Digital Manipulation To Create This Effect Goes Somewhat Against The Principles Of Lomography.

Though You Cannot Break The 10 Essential Rules Of Lomo Photography If You Are Planning To Give It A Try, Yet You Can Very Easily Grab The Essence. You Can Get The Guidance Rules From The lomography Website.
Here Are Some Amazingly Commendable Lomo Photographs For Your Inspiration:

(All Images Are Taken From The Official Lomography Website: http://www.lomography.com/)

1.The Baltic Sea Sunset View

2.By Vici

3. Seattle In Red

4.New York City

5.Pink LC

6.Furst Run

7.Pola Weekends

8. Vesuvius

9. The World Turned Purple

10.Blue Transition

11. Milano 2012

12. Berlin Mix


13. Macro


14.The Fair

15.Race Cars

16.Black And White



18.Nice At Night


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