Matthew Lyons—Featured Designer

Matthew Lyons Is An Illustrator From Britain Whose Portfolio Is Full Of Eye-catching. The Portfolio Of Matthew Lyons Is Full Of Some Implausible And Ingenious Illustrations That You Can Best Describe Classic Vintage. Well We All Know The Word Vintage Is Punched Around A Lot, But One Look At His Portfolio And You Will Know There Is No Better Way. This Style Of Digital Art Is A Fresh Style You Will Notice And Credit It To The Unique Use Of Color, Shape And Texture Making The Design Implausible And Outlandishly Down-to-earth In Places. Matthew Has Completed Illustrations For Clients Such As New York Times, Runners World Magazine, The Daily And Good Magazine. His Works Are Truly An Inspiration For All Newbie Seeking To Gain Fame And Popularity In The Field Of Graphic Designing. His Replica Movie Title Screen Shots Are Astoundingly Creative And We Hope Someday Real Movies Will Benefit From His Amazing Designs.

1. Moustache Friction

2. Get There

3. Late Night

4. Fire

5. Intrepid Explorer

6. Torrid Time

7. Where The Wild Things Are

8. Soggy Get Away

9. Robot Repair

10. One Eye Short

11. Cagoule Advice

12. Stagnant Water

13. Erase: The Lust For Logs

14. The Light-Fingered Raw Material Fiddler

15. Polar Employees

16. Planet

17. Dorothy

18. Viking Future

19. Mountain

20. Snow

21. Underground

22. Riverside

23. Sea

24. Underwater

25. The Snide Of A Scoundrel Man

26. Kitsune Noir Desktop Wallpaper

27. Hiding In Triangles

28. Pure

29. Running The Routes

30. Sections Of The Guide

31. Following Generations

32. Yuki 7: Carbonated Bullets

33. No More Grid Lock

35. Push It Backwards

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