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Post Cards Have Gone From Being A Fixture Of Private Correspondences To An Indispensable Direct Promotion. The Fairly Low Price Along With Great Return Prices Make Postcards An Excellent Investment For Any Business. However, In Whatever Way You Style Your Postcards, There Is No Single Strategy To Use Concerning This. You Need To Stick To Few Reminders And Then You’ll Have It!

Tips For Postcard Design

1. Discover What The Local Postal Service Has To Say Regarding Postcard Specifications

It Will Be A Pity To Invest A Lot Time On The Postcard Design To Discover That It Is Actually Non Mailable. If You Are Using A Postcard Printing Services, They Must Be Capable To Tell You Exactly What You Will Need. The Plan Below Is For 6 X 11” Postcards, But You Can Scale It Up Or Even Down For Other Dimensions.

2.) Maintain Your Headlines Clear As Well As Concise!

Believe In Us, It’s Far Better For Your Return On Investment. Your Recipient Might Actually Would Like What You Have To Give, However Throw Your Card Apart Because Its Message Did Not Sink In Right Away.


3.) Eye-catching Pictures Are Good. Prominent AND Relevant Images Are MUCH Better.

In Case Your Image Gets Trapped In Your Customer’s Thoughts, You’d Want Him To Think Of YOU. In A Great Light, Hopefully.

4. ) Never Use Copyrighted Images Without Authorization Or Giving The Performers Due Credit

Not Just Would That Be Unfair To Whoever Produced The Image, However It Would Reflect Quite Badly On Your Business.

5.) Retain It To A Single Main Concept Per Card.

Postcards Are Not Very Big To Start With, Therefore You’d Likely Find It Best To Simply Say One Thing, And Say It Well.

6.) Composition

  • Do Keep It Clean And Simple. Avoid Visual Overload. Consider Using A Larger Postcard Size If You Need More Space For Additional Info. See Common Postcard Size Options.

  • Do Match The “tone” Of The Card To Your Market Space. For Example, If You’re Targeting Business Executives For B-to-B Marketing Or Luxury Good Buyers, Consider Using A More Conservative Approach In Language, Color And Layout Than You Might For General Consumers.

  • Do Strive For Contrast And Balance. Dark Against Light, Opposite Colors And Large Elements Juxtaposed With Smaller Ones Create Contrast Which Attracts Attention. Keeping The Weight Of Elements Relatively Distributed On The Card Creates Balance And Pleases The Eye, As Do Elements Of Similar Tone Or Size. (sample Image)

  • Think Outside The Box. Non-standard Elements Such As Round Corners Or Special Cut-out Shapes (called Die Cuts) Spark Interest And Can Give A Distinctive Touch. Learn More About Our Custom Printing Options.

  • Consider Putting Eye-catching Content On The Back Of The Card And More Text On  the Front. Most Postcards Actually Get Delivered With The Back Side Up In Mailboxes, So Make The Back Interesting To Grab Attention Quickly. Put The Concept To The Test And Create Two Different Versions, Measure Which One Gets Better Results.

  • Do Use Bleeds To Extend Colored Backgrounds Or Images To Look Like They’re “bleeding” Off The Edge Of The Postcard For A Professional Look. Be Careful Not To Cut It Too Close Around The Edges Of The Card, Or Use Borders That Could Look Uneven With Slight Variances In Cutting.

7.) Context.

Make Sure That Your Designs Are Tailored Towards Your Potential Audience. Which Means If Your Design Has Girl With Sexy Bikinis On It, It May Not Work Perfectly If Your Target Audience Includes A Large Amount Of Little Old Ladies. Likewise, The Pattern Which Has Macrame Angels May Not Give Good Results For Young People.

8.) Call To Action.

This Is The Whole Point Of Sending Out Your Postcards In The First Place! While Direct-mailing With Postcards Usually Nets A Relatively High Response Rate In Relation To Expenses, It Would Be So Much Better To Try What You Could To Fine-tune Your Design. An Improvement Of Even Half A Percent Can Potentially Translate Into Thousands Of Additional Responses.

9.) Proactive Approach.

This Is Actually The Whole Stage Of Sending Out Your Postcards To Begin With! While Direct-mailing With Postcards Generally Nets A Relatively Higher Response Rate With Regards To Expenditures, It Could Be A Lot Better To Try What You Could To Fine-tune Your Layout. An Improvement Associated With Even Half 1 % Can Potentially Lead To Thousands Of Extra Responses.

The Finishing Touch

Review The Details Before You Finalize Your Design. Include Relevant Contact Info Including An Email Address And Website Url. Double Check The Numbers And Spelling Of All Text Before You Send It Off To Your Postcard Printer And Again When You Review Your Proof. Typos And Wrong Numbers Are Easy To Miss. Follow These Tips To Create Postcards That Pack A Powerful Punch To Help Grow Your Business.

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