Scott Pollard – No We aren’t Talking Sports

Scott Pollard Is A 27 Years Old Designer And Illustrator Based In The UK And Has Around 5 Years Of Experience In The Industry. At College He Took Fine Arts And Communication Along With Photography, And To Keep Evolving His Work And Acknowledgment He Specialized In Photography And Web Design.

Scott Loves To Draw Design And Code And Be Creative At Work And At Play. He Pretty Much Doodles Everyday And You Can Keep Checking Those Creations Of His At The Website. He Says He’s A Cat Fanatic And You Can Obviously See That From Some Of His Illustrations. He’s Now Come Up With A New Website That Features His New Works But We Can’t Help Google Out The Older Ones And We Have To Admit Those Are Still More Impressive, Not To Offense His New Works.

Besides Being Very Talented Scott Is Also Very Kind And For Sure Is A Really Passionate And Enthusiastic Designer As You Can Check By His Own Words Below.

It All First Started With Music And Myspace. I Began Creating Identities For Bands And They Became My Audience Along With Their Fans. Alongside This I Was Developing My Graphic Design And Illustration Which Was Also Being Shown On My Website. I Have Always Looked At Design In A Intriguing Way And Always Wanted To Understand The Way People Think. The Exploration Of This Process Naturally Took Me Into Branding And That’s Where I Am Now.

I Have Studied A Lot Over The Years And I Feel That It Has All Come Together To Form A Solid Foundation Of How I Approach Design. I Do Not See Design As A Job, Yes It Pays The Bills, However My Life Is Fully Immersed In Many Aspects Of Design And Communication. I Constantly Feel The Urge To Communicate My Work And I Strive To Discover New And Different Ways To Get My Message Out. Sometimes It Might Be On A Pair Of Trainers Or A Big Doodle On Some Card And Then I Publish It On To The Internet For Everyone To See.

I Have Always Felt That A Designer Should Be Massively Proactive, Open To Understanding New Things And Strive To Communicate To The World In Many Different Ways. Oh And Love Every Minute Of It!
You Can See Some Of Scott’s Works Below. Enjoy!

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