Seven Essential Elements Of An Effective Landing Page

Your Landing Page Is Very Often The Page That Your Visitors Will See First, Which Makes It Incredibly Important. It’s The One Page That May Generate The Most Links, And Which The Major Search Engines Will Point To. That’s What Makes The Design Of Your Landing Page So Vital To Your Success.

There Are Y Key Elements That Every Landing Page Needs In Order For It To Be Successful. Those Elements Are All Important In Their Own Right, But Together They Make For A Powerful Landing Page. Before You See The 7 Elements, There Is A Question That You Have To Ask Yourself First.

What Are You Hoping To Achieve With Your Landing Page?

If You Don’t Have A Clear Objective, Then It Will Be Impossible To Steer Your Visitors In The Direction That You Want Them To Follow. Some Of The Most Common Goals Include:

  • Getting People To Truly Explore Your Site
  • Direct Them To A Sales Page
  • Have Visitors Opt-in For Regular Updates

The Sooner You Figure Out Exactly What It Is That You Want From Your Landing Page, The Quicker You Can Start Heading Towards That Goal. And Now Onto The 7 Elements:

1. Images – The Images That You Choose For Your Landing Page Should Be Somehow Relevant To The Goal That You Are Trying To Achieve. Too Many Images Or Graphics Can Be A Distraction Though, So Make Sure That You Don’t Overdo It. Given That A Landing Page Is Often A Way To Help Brand Your Business, You Might Consider Adding A Company Logo Or Even A Picture Of Yourself. If You Do Go With Your Own Image, Make Sure That It Is Something Professional.

2. Headline – An Effective Headline Is One That Will Grab The Attention Of Your Visitor The Moment That They Arrive At Your Landing Page. Again, You Want The Headline To Match What You Are Trying To Achieve, And You May Have To Tweak It Several Times In Order To Find One That Works. Try Creating A Couple Of Different Pages, Each With A Unique Headline And See Which Of The Two Performs The Best. You Can Continue With That Practice Until You Have Fine-tuned It To The Perfect Headline.

3. Emotions – People Who Buy Normally Do So Due To Some Sort Of Emotional Response. Using Emotions Via Words And Images Is Often The Most Effective Call To Action.

4. Navigation – The Easiest Way To Get Visitors To Your Page To Do Exactly What You Want Is To Make It Easy For Them To Do So. If You Want To Direct Them To A Specific Page, Then Provide A Visible Link Or Button That Will Take Them There. Make It Difficult To Navigate And People Will Quickly Leave.

5. Proof – In Order To Truly Motivate People To Act, You Have To Show Them That What You Are Doing Actually Works. There Is No Greater Motivation Than Seeing Proof Of Success Which Can Be Demonstrated With:

  • Awards
  • Testimonials
  • Endorsements
  • Facts And Figures
  • Membership In Professional Organizations

The Whole Point Of Showing People The Proof Is To Give Yourself And Your Website A Greater Level Of Credibility.

6. Call To Action – This May Very Well Be The Most Important Part Of Any Landing Page As It Lets The Visitor Know Exactly What Their Next Step Should Be.

7. Opt-in Form – It Takes Trust To Create Sales, And One Way To Earn That Is To Have Visitors Opt-in To Receive More Information. It May Take Time To Convince People That You Are An Authority In Your Niche, But Once You Do They Are More Likely To Buy.

You Should Make Sure To Track The Stats For Each Of The 7 Elements So That You Can Make Changes To The Ones That Aren’t As Effective As The Others.

About The Author: Barbara Holbrook Is A Web Designer And Social Marketing Consultant In Long Beach, CA. She Also Writes For

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