Stitched Cloth Letters Typography

Today, I Have Come Up With A Tutorial For Stitched Cloth Letters Text Effect.

In The Current Design Era, Typography Influences Both Kinds Of Styles-namely Print Designing And Website Designing. In Simple Language, We Can Say That Typography Is Definitely An Important Part Of Both The Category Styles.

This Really Is A Modern Style Of Text Effect That Involves Creativity And Is Also Not Every Next Door Designer’s Cup Of Tea. That Is Why These Days Companies Provide Online Catalog Printing Services Where You Can Choose And Demand For Latest Designs Without Any Hustle And Bustle.

Now I’ll Present Before You Some Greatest Adobe Photoshop Techniques About Typography.

So, Let’s Start…

Step 1. Create A New Document As Per The Instructions And Data Provided.

Step 2. Fill Black Color #000000 In Background.

Step 3. Take A Fog Brush With 1823 Px To Create Mist Of Colors In Background

Step 4. Now Ctrl+J The Layer To Make A Duplicate Copy And Change The Hue Of Fog As Shown Below Image.

Step 5. Select Text Tool And Write Whatever You Feel Like To Write. I Have Written Design For My Blog TheDesignMag 🙂 Fill It With Light Grey Color.

Step 6. Drop Shadow Effect On “Design” Text With 75% Opacity, 18px Size And 0% Noise. Your Text Will Look As Below.

Step 7. Now Use Inner Shadow Effect To Make Text Little Embossed, Apply Effect With 75% Opacity, 5px Distance , And 29px Size.

Step 8. Apply Outer Glow Effect With ‘Color Dodge’ Blend Mode, 59% Opacity, 15% Noise, 70px Size And 50% Range.

Step 9. Apply Bevel Emboss Effect To Make Text Border More Sharper With 14% Range And Triangle Emboss.

Step 10. Use Dot Texture With 70% Scale And 113% Depth.

Step 11. Apply Gradient Effect As Shown In Below Image.

With 45% Opacity, Liner Style , 90% Angle And 42% Scale.

Step 12. Now Insert Cloth Images In Text With Alt Key.

Step 13. Use pen Tool To Make Stitches On Text As Shown In Below:

Now You Are Done With Stitching On Your Text…

Have A Look At The Final Result:

Hope You Enjoyed!

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