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Most People Use Their Mobile Devices More Than They Do Their Computers. Because Of This Businesses Are Turning To Web Designers To Create Mobile Versions Of Their Websites. The Website Needs To Handle The Same Browsing Experience A User Would Get Using Their Home Computer Or Laptop. The Web Designer Has To Optimize A Mobile Site So That The User Can Easily Navigate The Site And Use The Services Offered On The Site With Ease.



The Future Of Mobile Web Usage

Statistics Show That By 2015 People In The United States Will Use A Mobile Device Over A Desktop Device In Most All Areas. Web Designers Must Begin Using Responsive Web Design In Order To Meet The Needs Of Consumers So That Businesses Do Not Lose Revenue. Web Sites That Are Not Optimized For Responsive Design Will Lose Site Visitors And Customers. Customers Will Venture To Competitors That Offer The Ease Of Use Coming From A Responsive Web Design Site Or Application.

When Converting An Existing Website To A Mobile One Or When Building A Mobile Design From Scratch, The Web Designer Has To Take Some Things Into Consideration. First The Developer Needs To Do Their Research, Understand Wireframing, Take Style Into Consideration, And Build The Site Taking Into Account The HTML And CSS Issues Involved.

Know Your Audience

The Web Designer Needs To Learn Through Their Research How The Site Users And Customers Will Be Viewing The Application Or Mobile Site. It Is Generally In The Best Interest Of The Designer To Make The Site Able To Be Used On A Variety Of Different Devices. Most Will Need The Site To Render Properly On Smart Phones, Tablets, Touch Screen Computers, And Even Televisions.

Determining The Benefits Of Converting To Mobile Design

Designing A Site Or Application That Will Render Properly On As Many Devices As Possible Is Paramount. But If Your Business Will Not Benefit From This Then The Time, Effort, And Cost May Not Be Beneficial. Research Will Tell The Developer The Benefits To The Business By Using Responsive Web Design. Developers And Businesses Do Need To Keep In Mind That Many Users Are Now Using Their Mobile Devices For More Than Just Quick Information; They Are Beginning To Use Their Devices To Leisurely Browse The Web As Well.

Wireframing Is Another Important Part Of The Mobile Web Design To Take Into Consideration. The General Layout Of The Site Will Already Be Determined But The Designer Will Have To Decide The Different Widths To Be Used. This Is Important To Know So That The Site Will Render Correctly On Various Different Devices. Defining The Logic Of How The CSS3 Will Be Effect The Look Of The Site From Device To Device.


When Building The Mobile Web Design The Developer Has To Take Into Consideration How Images Will Be Viewed As Well As How They Will Be Interacted With By The User. The Size Of These Images Is Important. The Image Size Should Be As Low As Possible So That The Site Or App Will Run Smoother. Site Loading Times Are Further Reduced When CSS Is Applied.

Again, It Is Important For Businesses To Understand That Although Responsive Web Design Is Important For Most Businesses, It Is Not Always A Necessary Solution For All. Building A Mobile Design From Scratch Or Converting An Existing Site To Mobile Requires Time And Cost. If Having A Responsive Device Is Not Going To Benefit The Business Or The Majority Of The Users Of The Site, Then The Time And Money Spent Is Probably Not Worth It. However, Most Business Will Indeed Benefit From Having Responsive Web Design That Will Render Correctly On Most All Devices.

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