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Contribute to The Design Mag

The Design Mag welcomes new contributing writers. Our goal is to provide articles that our readers can learn from. We want to offer them usable information such as tips, FREE Psds, Design Tutorials,  how to, step-by-step guides and web and graphic design related articles.

We are looking for writers and contributors that truly understand our industry and work in the fields they are writing about. We need properly written articles in English. There is no pay for writing for The Design Mag. Again, we want usable and educational information for our readers.

We do not want recycled content. Unique and new articles will be considered.

Topics we are looking for currently:

  • Photoshop Tutorials
  • Illustration Tutorials
  • Round ups
  • Web Design Tips
  • Logo Design Tips
  • Graphic Design Tips
  • High Quality FREE PSDs
  • Design Tips
  • SEO

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