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Improve Typography in Your Designs 0

How to Improve Typography in Your Designs

When people make brochures of events or parties, they pay attention to the design of the brochure. They make the typeface noticeable, the size of the font larger, and the colors bright. When it...



The book is the same product, as well as any other object. We look at its cover and appearance, and then we determine whether it will be interesting for us to read it, whether...


How Not to Design a Logo!

Most of the people take logo designing as a pretty easy task as the name suggests. They are of the view that simply draws any shape, write the name of the brand/company and you...

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Why Web Designers Need to Understand SEO

We covered a lot of topics on web design and user experience here on The Design Mag. User experience is the primary focus of web and app design today, mainly because users’ experience has...


DIY Graphic Design: Learn From The Pros

In an ideal world, you’d have enough capital reserves floating around to simply outsource all your graphic design needs to an experienced professional, and never have to worry about the details yourself. Unfortunately, we...


Brand Your Business To Look Like A Winner

If you want your business to be a success, you have to make sure that it looks like a winner. Design and how you brand your business plays a big part in this. It’s...


How to Save Web Design Tutorials From Online Video Streams

When you’re learning about web design, one of the resources that you’re almost certainly going to want to take advantage of are the numerous tutorials that are freely available online. These tutorials cover most... xvideos-jav