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In Photography, Bokeh Is The Blur, Or The Artistic Excellence Of The Blur, In Out-of-focus Areas Of An Image. Bokeh Has Been Defined As “the Way The Lens Renders Out-of-focus Points Of Light”. However, Differences In Lens Aberrations And Aperture Shape Cause Some Lens Designs To Blur The Image In A Way That Is Gratifying To Look At, While Others Generate Blurring That Is Obnoxious Or Disturbing—”good” And “bad” Bokeh, In That Order. Bokeh Occurs For Parts Of The View That Lie Outside The Depth Of Field. Sometimes Deliberately A Shallow Focus Technique Is Used To Create Images With Prominent Out-of-focus Regions.

Bokeh Is Often Most Visible Around Small Background Highlights, Such As Specular Reflections And Light Sources, Which Is Why It Is Often Associated With Such Areas. However, Bokeh Is Not Limited To Highlights; Blur Occurs In All Out-of-focus Regions Of The Image. Usually The Part Of Image Which Is To Be Focused Is Kept Clear And The Background Is Given The Bokeh Or The Blur To Create That Special Effect Which Enhances The Importance Of The Focused Part Of The Image.

In Bokeh Photography The Main Creativity Is The Make The Blur Looking Pleasing And Attractive To Look At. The Blur Should Not Look Like A Mistake In The Photography, Though For Amateur Photographers, This Blur Sometimes Happens Well By Chance. As Professionals You Have To Concentrate In Making The Effect Perfectly Suitable To The Image. Also See To It That The Blur Effect Touch Nowhere In The Focused Part Of The Image.

Bokeh Photography Can Be Really Interesting To Look At Only If Done Correctly. Yeah The Camera Person Is Responsible For This Fact But A Lot Depends On Graphic Designers As They Can Make The Imperfect Perfect. As Designer It Is Your Responsibility To Make Up The Mistakes That Camera Must Have Captured. Clarity Can Be Enhanced And The Blur Can Be Made Move Vivid And Interesting One To Look At. Also You Can Put In Some Extra Glitter And Glam To The Image To Give Perfection To A Bokeh Snap That Was Once Not A Good Looker. Well You Know The Tricks So Give In A Try And See What Miracles You Can Actually Create Out Of A Simple Looking Photograph. Here Are A Few Examples You Can Consider To Create Bokeh In Your Image.


























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