40 Surreal Photo Manipulation Examples

Photo Manipulation Also Called Photoshopping Or—before The Invention Of Photoshop Software—airbrushing Is The Application Of Image Editing Techniques To Photographs In Order To Create An Illusion Or Deception, Through Analog Or Digital Means.

Though There Are Allegations Against Photo Manipulations For Its Cruel Uses, We Cannot Deny The Fact That We Do Admire The Effect. In Digital Editing, Photographs Are Usually Taken With A Digital Camera And Input Directly Into A Computer. Transparencies, Negatives Or Printed Photographs May Also Be Digitized Using A Scanner, Or Images May Be Obtained From Stock Photography Databases.

With The Advancement Of Computers, Graphics Tablets, And Digital Cameras, The Term Image Editing Includes Everything That Can Be Done To A Photo, Whether In A Darkroom Or On A Computer. Photo Manipulation Is Often Much More Overt Than Delicate Alterations To Color Balance Or Contrast And May Involve Overlaying A Head Onto A Different Body Or Changing A Sign’s Text, For Example. Image Editing Software Can Be Used To Apply Effects And Warp An Image Until The Desired Result Is Achieved. The Resulting Image May Have Little Or No Resemblance To The Photo From Which It Originated. Today, Photo Manipulation Is Widely Accepted As An Art-form.

Manipulation For Photo Restoration Or Enhancement Like Adjusting Colors / Contrast / White Balance (i.e. Gradational Retouching, Sharpness, Removing Elements Or Visible Flaws On Skin Or Materials Is Technical Retouching. Creative Retouching, On The Other Hand, Is Used As An Art Form Or For Commercial Use To Create More Sleek And Interesting Creative Images For Advertisements.

Creative Retouching Could Be Manipulation For Fashion, Beauty Or Advertising Photography Such As Pack-shots. One Of The Most Prominent Disciplines In Creative Retouching Is Image-compositing. Here, The Digital Artist Uses Multiple Photos To Create A Single Composited Image. Today, 3D Elements Are Used More And More To Add Extra Elements Or Even Locations And Backgrounds. This Kind Of Image Composition Is Widely Used When Conventional Photography Would Be Technically Too Difficult Or Impossible To Shoot On Location Or In Studio.

Take A Look At Some Fresh Surreal Photo Manipulations:




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