5 Ways To Improve Your Website’s Fun Factor

Sometimes, we’re just not able to keep people’s attention with our websites. There are hundreds of thousands of others out there, and we need a way to ensure ours stands out. If you’re struggling to do this, it might be time to think about your website’s fun factor. What do I mean by that? Things that will encourage people to stick around and see what you’ve got to offer. This will vary based on what you’re looking to achieve. Let’s see some examples.

A striking design

The most important thing you’ll need is a good design. That’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? It’s what we’re all here to learn about, and it’s what turns a poor website into a good one. However, you might need to think a bit more about improving your design if you’re struggling. Get a new theme to base the website around, and add some cool, exciting pictures that blend in well.

More videos

Images and videos are some of the most engaging content that you can place on any website. We’re just captivated by them, and I particularly suggest adding videos as they’ll encourage people to stick around for longer. Don’t shove them wherever you fancy on the page, though. They’ve got to be clearly laid out, containing content that people want to see. You’ll probably go to youtube.com to get the majority of these, but there are loads of video-based websites out there. Research them.


Everyone loves a good game. If you’re designing a website for business, get a branded game that’s tailored towards their area of expertise. If it’s for yourself, there are loads of ways to get games featured on your website. You can design one yourself if you’ve got the skills, or you can include existing flash games with a simple bit of coding.

A level-up system

While this will only apply to some websites, you can implement a level-up system to encourage people to do more activities. For example, an educational website might reward someone for completing an English test. In doing so, they’ll level up, which helps to create a sense of achievement. You could even offer rewards for reaching a certain level.

Message boards

If deemed appropriate, you could implement a message board on your website. While this can help to generate a brand-new community of people, you’ve got to be a bit careful. Having a forum that is devoid of any posts looks very unprofessional and isn’t worth keeping. Try it for a while, but don’t keep it if you can’t generate any interest this way.

Sometimes, it’s not about the actual content on your website. Are you promoting in the right way? Are people aware that your website actually exists? You need to think about other avenues such as SEO if you want more people to be aware of your website. That’s a topic for another day, but something to keep in mind.

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