8 Tested Guidelines for Creative Advertising

In the previous article, Graphic Designers were my special focus but in this article i will discusse the guidelines which are very essential and worth reading for all the people who are directily or indirectly involved with advertising, designing or any sort of creative work. I strongly believe that a Graphic Designer, Advertiser or a Creative Director with effective communication skills can produces Creative Advertising. So today I will share with you some specific rules and thoughts in this regard.

1. Keep it Simple, Stupid

KISS is a very basic rule in different format of communications, whether they are oral or written or design based. Yet this is all times the most ignored principal. Magazine, newspaper readers and web visitors don’t visits WebPages to read the ads (placed by the URLs owners or Google Adsense) therefore, advertising needs to catch the eye quickly and deliver its message quickly with a very positive impact.

Keep it Simple, Stupid

2. Don’t try to sell the product, try to sell the benefit

Every viewer, reader or visitor thinks – What’s in it for me? So keep your focus on benefits of the product. Most ads are simply descriptive, they explain what the product or service is. Some ads may explain the history, values and commitments of the company but the factor for audience interest is missing.

Sell Benefit, not Product

3. Keep in mind Maslow’s Hierarchy

Relate your product or service or its benefits to the basic needs. Maslow’s Hierarchy is given below just to have a brief introduction. (I can explain each points if someone is interested). In very first group of Physiological Needs “Sex” factor is very important and used by different Advertisers effectively.

    1. Physiological Needs

      • Food, water, air, shelter, sex

    2. Safety and Security Needs

      • Protection, order, stability

    3. Social Needs

      • Affection, friendship, belonging

    4. Ego Needs

      • Prestige, status, self-esteem

    5. Self-Actualization

      • Self-fulfillment


4. Involve superstars in advertising

Research has shown the ads with a popular figure get 13 percent more attraction than unknown figure. This attractive percentage is more in women group and young age group of adults in males.

Superstars in Advertising

5. Try to create force through colors

Bold, bright and beautiful colors can create an attractive force for audience, regardless of communication medium. Sometimes colors become identifications

Force Through Colors

an other example of a colorful ad, Coca Cola always with its powerful red color

Force through Colors

6. Arrange the best sequence or information stream

Try to create best possible mix of creative elements or information pieces. What should be the first thing which is appropriate to reveal? What should come next?

Information Stream

7. Distinct and Clear Message

The message elements should not overlap. Information should be distinct and clear in nature. Use specific words, numbers or graphics to support your message.

Distinct and Clear Message

8. Contrast

In this era, everywhere, you will find this concept. Our eyes take a pause in case of contrast. American Express produced one of the best ads of 1988 by featuring the diminutive Willie Shoemaker standing back to back with the altitudinous Wilt Chamberlain. The contrast was humorous and eye-catching.
Blue with silver or grey color, Burgundy with Golden color and Red with Black are very usual contrast.

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