35 Examples Of Amazing Light Graffiti

Light Graffiti Also Known As Light Painting is A photographic skill In Which revelations are Made By Moving A Hand-held Light Source Or By Moving The camera. Light Painting Also Includes Images Lit From Outside The Frame With Hand-held Light Sources. Light Painting Photography Can Be Traced Back To The Year 1914 When Frank Gilbreth, Along With His Wife Lillian Moller Gilbreth, Used Small Lights And The Open Shutter Of A Camera To Track The Motion Of Manufacturing And Clerical Workers.

By Moving The Light Source, The Light Can Be Used To Selectively Shed Light On Parts Of The Subject Or To “paint” A Picture By Shining It Directly Into The Camera lens. Light Painting Requires A Slow shutter Speed, Usually A Second Or More. Light Painting Can Take On The Uniqueness Of A Quick pencil Sketch.

Light Painting By Moving The Camera, Also Known As camera Painting, Is The Exact Opposite Of Traditional Photography. At Night, Or In A Dark Room, The Camera Can Be Taken Off The Tripod And Used Like A paintbrush. An Example Is Using The Night Sky As The Canvas, The Camera As The Brush And Cityscapes (amongst Other Light Sources) As The Palette. Putting Energy Into Moving The Camera By Stroking Lights, Making Patterns And Laying Down Backgrounds Can Create Conceptual Artistic Images.

Light Painting Can Be Done Interactively Using A webcam. The Painted Image Can Already Be Seen While Drawing By Using A Monitor Or Projector. A Technique Known From Light Art Is To project images On To Irregular Surfaces (faces, Bodies, Buildings Etc.), In Effect “painting” Them With Light. A Photograph Or Other Fixed Portrayal Of The Resulting Image Is Then Made.

A Multiplicity Of Light Sources Can Be Used, Starting From Simple flashlights to Fanatical Devices Like The Hosemaster, Which Uses A fiber Optic light Pen.Other Sources Of Light Including Candles, Matches, Fireworks, Lighter Flints, glowsticks, And Poi are Also Popular.

A tripod is Generally Needed Due To The Long Exposure Times Involved. Otherwise, The Camera May Be Placed On Or Braced Against A Table Or Other Solid Support. A shutter Release Cable or self Timer is Generally Employed In Order To Minimize Camera Shake. Color Gels Can Also Be Used To Color The Light Sources. Here Are A Few Examples For Light Graffiti Inspiration.












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