22 Best Free Fonts for Graphic Designers in 2015

Typefaces are an important part of any creative designing process involving written text material.

From catchy one-liners printed on t-shirts to captions for product advertisements and from phrases used as slogans on banners and billboards to content published on web pages, typefaces are everywhere. It is because various typefaces have artistic and structural differences between them and hence, two typefaces vary greatly. This scenario makes it suitable for using different typefaces for different purposes.

Typefaces are broadly categorized in to various types, namely serif, sans-serif, slab serif, semi-serif, monospace, script, Unicode and so on.

Depending upon the requirement, a particular typeface is chosen to be used for writing text. Graphic designers are required to possess a great deal of understanding about using the right kind of typefaces for their creative projects. Although, the internet is stormed by several newly released or latest Typefaces every month, it is an arduous task to stay updated on the same.

Hence, I decided to club together some recently released typefaces in the online market which are trending on the designing circuit. I have listed down free 22 unique typefaces that are popular among designers. I hope you will enjoy the list.



Moon is a rounded typeface with thin and bold variations.

Download Here

Big John/Slim Joe


Big John/Slim Joe is a modern, geometric typeface. This new font can be used in a variety of design projects, such as illustration, animation or more.

Download Here

3) Lombok


Lombok is an incredible font that can be used in a logo, poster or t-shirt design. Lombok is a bit quirky and also looks great on banners, billboards and promotional ads.

Download Here

4) Porto


Porto is a unique typeface that can be used in logo designing or other promotional material.

Download Here

5) Vintage & Eroded


intage & Eroded is a beautiful typeface with an aesthetic look.

Download Here

6) Anders


Anders is a geometric typeface which is simple and minimal yet unique.

Download Here

7) Hamster Script


Hamster Script is a one of its kind cursive typeface inspired from brush lettering and sign painting. It is ideal for signage, poster, headlines, t-shirt design and more.

Download Here

8) Muller


Muller is a font family comprising 20 weights, ranging from Thin to Heavy with matching Italics. It is best suited for various creative design projects for advertising, packaging, online/print publishing and branding. Two fonts, namely Thin and ExtraBold are available for free download.

Download Here

9) Baron


Baron is an uppercase display font inspired from classic sanserif font families. It has several alternative options and weights and is well-suited for usage in posters, logos and headlines.

Download Here

10) Fabfelt Script


Fabfelt is a handwritten elegant script.

Download Here

11) Slot


Slot is a rounded font characterized by a semi-circle pattern. It is suitable for using in short texts or one-liners.

Download Here

12) Refuge


efuge is a handwritten typeface design which is best suited for vintage-style or hand-lettering design projects, t-shirts, logos and more.

Download Here

13) Allegheny


Allegheny is inspired from hieroglyphic style of writing characters and symbols. The font type has a certain vintage and Gothic feel to it.

Download Here

14) Aroly


Aroly is an amazing typeface characterized by polygonal shapes and multiple colors. You can use Aroly for your next creative design project.

Download Here

15) Pier


Pier fits very well in to modern and structured typography. The typeface can be used in many creative designs and texts.

Download Here

16) Perfograma


Perfograma is a category of typeface inspired from dot font which was introduced by computing machines IBM Harvard – Mark 1.

Download Here

17) Kraskario


Kraskario is an elegant typeface from the serif category. It can be used for printing text.

Download Here

18) Berlin


Berlin is a classic geometric typeface family featuring four styles and three weights (regular, bold and x-bold as well as Berlin’s regular italics). The font is specially designed for writing headlines as well as large format text in branding and packaging industry.

Download Here

19) Animagus


Animagus font is characterized by jagged edges and comes in 3 forms, namely regular, bold and italic.

Download Here

20) Aurora


Aurora is a whacky font inspired from science-fiction and video gaming industry. The typeface is suitable for use in titles and typography works about technology, futuristic subjects and more.

Download Here

21) Oswald



Oswald is primarily redesigned on the lines of alternate Gothic, san-serif typeface style. It is widely used as a display font for headlines and captions. It is available in various European languages.

Download Here

22) Ubuntu


Ubuntu is a modern typeface inspired from contemporary and urban styles. It is a sans-serif typeface covering thirteen fonts in all. Ubuntu is based on hieroglyphs and includes more than 1200 glyphs supporting over 200 languages.

Download Here


Modern Typography is a broad category consisting hundreds of typefaces, each representing a particular theme. Such theme-based typefaces build the visual appeal of the content and adds relevance to the creative design. These themes belong to a spectrum of categories, such as urban, gothic, renaissance, grotesque, retro, psychedelic and more.

I am not at all feeling happy to conclude this blog. I wish I could put some more names on this list. I am hoping that the readers would be knowing a few more interesting names of fonts and would be sharing with us any time soon. You can post as many names as you want and help the graphic designers to explore the diversity in the world of typefaces.

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