Hints for Crossy Road Players

Despite its simplicity, Crossy Road is not really an easy game to play. It is the mixture of difficultness and simple graphics – as well as a straightforward gameplay – that makes games like Crossy Road very popular on the market these days. If you are a bit frustrated from not being able to complete a level or collect enough coins, you are not alone. In this article, you will find a number of hints that will help you be better at playing Crossy Road.

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Stick to the Back of Cars and Trucks

Here’s a good habit to get into: stick to the back of cars and trucks as you cross the road. You can move your character along the road in order to remain close to the cars and trucks. This way, you can avoid getting run over by the next car or truck that comes along.

As you move along the line, you can also plan your next move without staying in one spot for too long. Keep in mind that doing so will summon the eagle; if the eagle snatches your character, the game is over.

Look Ahead!

A lot of Crossy Road players make the mistake of focusing on their characters. Although playing this way works, you will quickly get lost and confused once the traffic becomes busier.

Instead of focusing on your character, look ahead. You can plan several moves ahead, cross the road at a much faster speed and gather more coins this way. You can also anticipate the movements of other elements in the game better.

Do quick scans ahead and get a clearer picture of how you can progress. Take advantage of save lines and stick to the back of cars and trucks when you are stuck. As always, avoid stopping for too long when you are planning your next moves.

Keep Your Screen Visible

Your hand – or even fingers – can get in the way when you are playing Crossy Road. Tap behind of the mascot instead of in front of it for a much better view. Avoid tapping too far to the side as well.

If you are playing Crossy Road at home, you can actually cast your phone’s screen to a bigger screen and have much more fun playing that way. There are also desktop versions (web-based) of this game that you can play for practice and for fun.

Don’t Worry About Going Back

Many players do whatever they can to move forward. This is not always a wise strategy to use when playing Crossy Road. Instead, you should not hesitate to backtrack your moves every now and then, especially when you are cornered or you run out of moves to make.

Backtracking your moves can also help you deal with heavy traffic. You will have to time your moves carefully, just like when you are moving forward, but you can easily avoid getting your mascot killed by stepping backwards. Whatever you do, don’t stay in one spot for too long. You wouldn’t want the eagle to end your game prematurely, would you?

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