How Can a CDN Improve your Website Performance?

The user may not know a thing about your site content until his desired web page opens up. His first impression about your website or blog is made within the first few seconds of his visit. Users will like your website if it loads quickly. Google and other search engines rank those sites high enough whose web pages load up within a matter of seconds.

A Content Delivery Network or CDN can improve your page load speed and site engagement. Read this article about how you can use this tool to speed up your website.



A content delivery network is a system that pulls information from a server and pushes it on to the user through the shortest path.  When you set up a website, there are several servers located between you and the user, in this case, your website visitor.  These servers are located in different geographies; some are close to the user while others are far. A CDN basically uses the server closest to the user while accessing the information.

This means there is a faster flow of data from the server to the user.

CDN and website speed

A CDN stores multiple types of content like JavaScript, videos, text, audio, style sheets, web fonts, various file types like jpg, png, zip , etc. Because it can handle several formats of files easily, a CDN is also able to ask for information, retrieve it and send it to the user quickly. Having a CDN is good because reducing your page speed by even seconds can lead to increase in conversions.  Even a minor improvement in your page load time can translate into a significant number of sign-ups.

These days, most web hosting plans include CDN because of a very high demand for this functionality. If you are a hosting reseller, ask your web reseller hosting provider whether they have this feature in his package.

When your website is down

Having a CDN helps particularly when your website server is down. What a Content Delivery Network does in such cases is; it copies your site content quickly and pushes it to multiple data centers. This process is exceedingly fast and helps you retain your website visitors.

Make your site searchable

When your site loads quickly, it attracts Google and other search engines to favour its content. Faster load time means that your site can be ranked higher up in the search engine rankings. This also leads to an increase in crawl frequency. If you run a web-based business, it means more and faster conversions. For people in the E-commerce business, it is great news, because it leads to more conversions.


Having a CDN is essential for your business. Not only does this feature improve your page load speeds, it also ensures that your website is always up and running in front of your customers even when your web hosting server is down.

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