New Year Resolutions for Graphic Designers in The Year to Come

Graphic Designers Might Not Like Reading Much But Sometimes A Little Bit Of Research Does No Harm For Anyone So With Some Hope That Designers Will Read This Short Article, We Would Like To Suggest Them Some Resolutions To Keep In 2014. You Are Done With Being The Best In Any Field; You Have To Keep Pushing Yourself To Improve With Every Advancing Step Of Technology And Time. Though The Work Of Graphic Designer Seems Very Engaging Most Of The Time, Monotony Does Take Over Some Times. There Is Anxiety Of Keeping Ahead In The Competition And Alluring Clients To Do Good Business. New Year Is Just Around The Corners – The Best Time To Make Up For Your Mistakes And Lay Down Guidelines For The Future. How About Some New Year Resolutions? Here Are Few We Think You Must Consider:

Show Some Curiosity

Curiosity Makes You Anxious But You Cannot Deny That It Leads To Knowledge. If You’ve Come Across An Astounding Logo Illustration And Want To Know How It Was Created Or Perhaps What Font Was Use, Simply Ask. Write An E-mail To The Author/graphic Designer If You Want, Comment On Their Blog Or Send Them Tweet. Don’t Be Shy. Shared Knowledge Helps All Parties Spread Out Their Proficiency And It’s A Good Way Of Networking As Well. Other Than That Never Stop Looking For Informative Articles, Documentaries, Books Or Videos About Everything That Interests You Design-wise.

Get Things Organized

The Greatest Notion About Artists Is That They Live In A Missed Up Atmosphere Where Nothing Looks Straight And Simple. We Do Know That You Are Too Busy To Mind Those But Trust Us They Do Help. For The Record, Some Of The Best Designers Are Actually Particularly Systematic Individuals That Need To Work In A Clean And Organized Environment, Thus Letting All Those Imaginative Thoughts To Come To Light. Some Sort Of Milieu Is Acceptable But Ink, Papers And Pens Everywhere Does More Harm Than Help.

Be The Creator Instead Of Being A Copier

You Saw A Set Of Images On Pinterest Or Flikr And Next You Begin With You Work By Picking Up Ideas Some From Here And Next From There. That Is Never Going To Take You Anywhere You Wanted To. Be Original And By That We Don’t Mean You Must Stop Referring. Looking At The Greatest Works Of Other Artists For Inspiration Is Something We Encourage But DO NOT COPY.

Expertise And Renew

If You Are Following A Certain Pattern In A Set Of Wok And You Find Them Come Out Really Good, That Doesn’t Mean You Are Done With It. Practice More Of What You Are Good At. You Will Surely Create Something New And More Interesting The Next Time You Are Working With The Same Idea. One You Think You Have Got Your Expertise In That Particular Pattern, Try Renewing So Create Something More Improvised And Creative. You Know Never What Improvisation Could Lead To.

Spend Time With Non-designers

Come Out Of Your Loop And Meet Other People Too. Monotony Is The Biggest Enemy For Artists. Meeting Other Professionals Can Bring You New Knowledge And Ideas And That Is Very Important To Keep In Line With The Trends Of The World.
Here Are A Few Works Of Inspiration For The Year 2014 – The Chinese Year Of Horse.

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