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Mike Mitchell Is An Artist In Austin, TX. He Has A Wife Lauren, One Normal Cat, One Cross-eyed Cat, One Blind Cat, And A Dog That Isn’t Normal, But Does Have Great Vision. He Thinks High Fives Are Pretty Cool And He Likes To Spend As Much Time Writing Bio’s As It Took To Read This.

His Main Focus Is On Pop Culture. He Is Most Known For Creating The “I’m With Coco” Poster. Mike Has Created Dramatic Portraits Of Famous Movie Characters. His Series Entitled “The Portrait Show” Was Recently On Display At The Mondo Gallery At Texas. It Features Icons Such As Beatrix Kiddo (Kill Bill), The Joker (Tim Burton’s Batman), Dr. Emmett Brown (Back To The Future), Dorothy (Wizard Of Oz), And Even Quentin Tarentino (as Himself).
He’s An Illustrator That Utilizes Many Different Styles Including Patterns, Retro Illustrations To Drawing Skulls. He Has Raised Over $20,000 For Haiti Featuring T-Shirts With His Famous ‘I’m With Coco’ Work. One Of His Styles Is To Take Cute Things And Muck It Yet They Look So Perfectly Awesome. You Can See The Characters In His Illustrations And You Are Sure To Recognize The Famous Faces Distorted Into Something Awfully Imaginative. He Is An Enthusiastic Who Is Full Of Fresh Ideas And Prides Himself On Being Able To Handle Design Briefs From Initial Thumbnail Sketch Through To The Finished Article.

Born In 1982, Mitchell Creates For And Caters To A Generation That Remembers The Ninja Turtles, Viewmasters, And Seinfeld. With An Over-riding Pop Culture Theme, Boisterous Detail, And Comic-like Design, “just Like Us” Falls Nothing Short Of ‘a La Mode.’

Clichés Aside, Mitchell Pointed Out The Importance Of Perseverance And Hard Work, Illustrating His Own Inspirations As An Art Student. “I Emailed James Jean In Art School, Asking For The Key To Success.” Mitchell Said With A Chuckle. “He Was Like ‘you Know, Bust Your Ass.”’

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