Outstanding Neon illustrations by Genaro Desia aka Surround

Neon Effect In An Illustration Is Attention Grabbing With Its Beauty And Uniqueness Of The Color Sets That Cause The Bright Sensation We Usually Get Lost Into, Ignoring The Sides. This Compelling Effect Really Draws In The Eye. Using A Technique That Emulates Glowing Neon In Your Illustration Can Do Exactly What A Real Neon Sign Is Designed To Do-grab An Audience’s Attention With Its Beauty And Uniqueness. Plus, It’s Just A Lot Of Fun To Play Around With!

Genaro De Sia Coppola Is An Illustrator Who’s Got An Amazing Grasp Over His Neon Illustrations. He Is An Artist Based In Barcelona, Venezuela. His Vector Illustrations Have A Futuristic Psychedelic Feel To Them. You Can See In His Designs That He Loves Colors A Lot And His Experiment With The Bright Combinations Create Exclusive Neon Effects That Are Marvelous To Look At.

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