10 Freebies To Make Your Sunday a Fun Day

Sundays would have been a lot better had it not been followed by Monday.

Since we cannot do anything about how the days of the week are arranged, we can, however, make your Sunday a fun day with our list of 10 Amazing freebies!

Grab these while they are still available for free.

Smashicons: 200 Flat Icons

It’s your lucky day today, and while you mightn’t strike jackpot on a lottery ticket, you will, however, find a valuable resource that you can use and reuse in a lot of your designing projects.

From the house of Smashicons here’s a set of 200 versatile and diverse icons. From icons of animals to geometric patterns and even a few icons that’d look good on a medical project, you will find these indispensable icons most of the time.

The 200 flat icons can be downloaded instantly and while you can modify the icons as per your requirements you cannot resell them.

Download link

Photo-Realistic & Hand-Crafted Food Mockup Set


Why is marrying food not a thing yet? Besides our bizarre contemplations, here’s a food related freebie that’s both save you money and help you make money through more projects- money, which you can then spend on food!

The Food mockup set gives a realistic view of how your restaurant web page or your food blog would eventually look like. The high-res scenes do not just provide a perfect preview but can be edited for any minor or significant changes.

A must-have tool that can come handy anytime, choose from 12 different scenes. All of them are a no-brainer to use and can be fully customized.

Download link

70 Vector Icons for Touch Screen Gestures


Everyone owns a Smartphone now and one thing that every Smartphone has – irrespective of the infamous Apple v/s Samsung war – is the touch screen. Which is why whether you are making an app mockup or a presentation for a new design, you need different touch screen gesture icons to show functions and features.

Wait, setting off to stock up on some touch screen gestures already? Here is a set of 70 such icons that will help you better explain your projects. And they don’t cost a dime!

Aside of that, icons are also needed in various explanatory documents and even on web pages. So stock up on these and use them abundantly in templates, presentations, designs, and projects.

Download link

Invoice Template in HTML with Auto Calculations


Have you ever thought what your reaction would be if you billed your client for $20 instead of $200? Yeah, that’s what freelancing nightmares are made of!

Your invoice isn’t just a “give me my money” document, it’s a lot more than that. It’s a formal proof of your business and financial transactions, and you do use it for tax purpose too. The Invoice template has an overall clean and organized layout, so it’s easy to key in details.

Plus it comes with auto calculations, so you do not make any mistake. The total amount is highlighted, and the overall format is both easy to edit and time-saving.

Download link

Beautiful TriColore Scalable Typeface


Presentation is key, whether you are designing a poster or a logo or making a quirky website you do need different fonts to beat the monotone. Stocking up on this tricolore typeface gives you the creative freedom to add a dash of color to your projects.

You’d need any basic editing app to use the typeface as the font to create headline texts or poster content.

Download link

Royalty-free graphics worth $54


As a designer, you know how expensive high-res graphics is and you can’t even think of copying one from Google as it might land you in a lawsuit. So for those who are forever looking for quality graphics to use in projects, here’s a little Sunday treat.

This pack of royalty free graphics comprise 22 different vectors, 9 vector illustrations and 3 textures that you can use as the backdrop of any web page or poster. From aesthetically pleasing illustrations of flowers to cutesy pandas and rabbits, you’d find a lot of use for these graphics.

Originally priced at $54, you can download this instantly and free of cost. You have limitless options with this set that comes with an extended royalty license except reselling and distributing.

Download link

Atolo Coming Soon Template


One of the best marketing tactics is to spread awareness before the launch. And in case of websites too, or even a blog if you want to create the hype let people know of your website even before it goes live.

The Atolo Coming Soon Template sets the mood perfectly. Like the perfect amuse-bouche before the entrée. The responsive layouts are fully customizable and come in different color variants. There are also three different template variations to choose from.

Plus there’s a timer you can put up counting down to the time and date of the launch. The template is also cross-browser compatible.

Download link

Flat UI Kit


Love everything sci-fi? From Star Wars to Gravity? If you’re as big a sci-fi nerd as we are here’s a perfect UI kit for you to not just use but also stock up on because seriously it’s that fabulous.

Spruce up with this kit with your creativity and you can use it in a multitude of projects. There are more than 100 UI elements and 40 Plus widgets. Save oodles of time by actually using this kit, your clients are surely going to love it.

The overall layout is pretty clean and organized and fabulous, yes we said that already. But the kit is easy to work with and edit as per your requirements. Just enter your e-mail and hit download.

Download link

Photoshop Actions to add magic to your images


Who doesn’t love clicking pictures? Even our celebs are smitten by the idea of clicking pictures, look at Kim Kardashian, who launched a complete book with only her selfies.

And while we might not be able to get you her derriere to rock your pictures, we can bring to you 8 Photoshop actions that will convert your pictures into amazing clicks. Whether you are clicking professional pictures for your clients or enhancing your client’s images to make them stand out, or just editing images to get a higher number of Instagram followers (probably enough to rival celebs) you’d love what these actions can do.

Grab this free set of Photoshop actions and add a touch of magic to your images!

Download link

Beautiful & Sophisticated Waterlily Typeface


‘Say it with a flower’ whether it is a Thank You or a Sorry or an invitation, flowers never fail. This Waterlily typeface comprises hand drawn fonts and characters – right from the upper and lower case of all the alphabets to a myriad of special characters often used – giving you the creative freedom to use it in many ways.

Design a poster or an effeminate looking designer boutique page, the typeface adds a beautiful touch to your work.

Download link

Which of these freebies did you like best?

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