Valerie Hegarty’s Paintings Extend Beyond Frame

Valerie Hegarty‘s Paintings Are Simply Spectacular. Valerie Hegarty Is A Graduate Of The Art Institute Of Chicago. She Lives And Works In Brooklyn, New York. She Creates Destroyed, Exploded Paintings That Almost Look Like Sculptures At The End. If You Walk Into An Exhibition Of Work By American Artist Valerie Hegarty, You Might Think There Has Been A Terrible Accident. Hegarty’s Work Is Set Apart By Canvases And Antiques That Have Been Burned, Ripped, Cracked, Shot At Or Otherwise Destroyed. However The Devastating State Of Hegarty’s Work Is On Purpose Art. Her Work Is Intended To Suggest Man’s Struggle To Advance Nature And The Cost Which Come Out.

“It’s Almost As If It Was Planted In The Ground And Grew. I’ve Been Toying With Making A Landscape Painting Become A Landscape Itself. Is That Somehow More Accurate Than Simply Painting A Landscape? In The Earlier Work, I Had Taken Paintings And Sculptures From Art History And Broken Them Down So That They Looked As If They’d Been Through A Natural Disaster—so That There Was Even More Historical Information Dumped On The Historical Painting.” Says Valerie Of Her Painting “Unearthed”. You Can See All Her Works On Her website. Some Of Her Interesting Works Are Below For Your Inspiration.

1. Chinese Wallpaper (Flood Damage) Installed In Private Collector’s Kitchen

2. Ship, Wallpaper, And Floorboards With Flood Damage

3. Watermelon Tongue

4. Exploding Peaches

5. Woman In White

6. Flower Frenzy

7. Altered States: Installation Shot

8. Headless George Washington With Table

9. West Rock With Branches

10. George Washington Portrait On Wall Melted

11. Season’s End

12. Still Life With Cake And Crows

13. Still Life With Peaches And Crows

14. First Harvest In The Wilderness With Woodpecker

15. Autumn On The Wissahickon With Tree

16. Break-Through Miami

17. Cathedral

18. Autumn On The Hudson Valley With Branches

19. Teetering Trees

20. Warped Scape

21. Progressive Art Collection: Rosebush For Gordon Matta Clark

22. Return To The Catskills

23. Open Cube With Flowers

24. Large Bust With Pigeons

25. View From Thanatopsis: Installation View

26. Cracked Canyon

27. Niagara Falls

28. Paul Revere Tea Set With Holes

29. Still Lives With Crows

30. Seascape: Overseas (Fireplace With Harpoons)

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