Stunning Fisheye Photography Inspirations

One Photographic Technique Can Both Captivate And Disorient Us. It Can Twist A Baby Into A Wide Eyed, Big Mouthed Gargoyle But Can Also Render A Panoramic Night Sky In Striking Detail. The Fisheye Lens Has A Name You Won’t Easily Forget. And When This Unique Creative Tool Is Used Well, It Can Produce Unforgettable Images That Bend Our Perception Of Reality.

From Ultralong Telephoto Lenses That Can Capture Wildlife From Hundreds Of Yards Away To Wide Angle Lenses Designed To Grab An Entire Landscape In One Click Of The Shutter, A Shooter With Enough Resources Could Have One Lens For Almost Every Situation They Encounter.

Most Of These Lens Have A Rectilinear Design. Light Entering The Lens Travels In A Nearly Straight Path To The Film Or Sensor. This Renders Straight Lines As They Appear In Real Life, Wherever They Are In The Scene. Wide Angle Lenses Have Short Focal Lengths And Allow Wide Angle Lenses To Capture A Wide Angle Of View. Fisheye Lenses Can Stretch To 180 Degrees. Straight Lines Anywhere But Dead Center In The Fisheye Image Appear To Curve. The Farther They Are From Center, The Greater The Curved Distortion. This Offers Fun Artistic Avenues To Explore, But Its Also Very Useful. Some Of The Earliest Fisheyes Were Built By Astronomers To Capture Images Of The Starry Night Sky.

Fisheye Lenses Are Popular For Photographing Extremely Wide Panoramas Of Landscapes And The Sky And For Shooting Close-up Subjects Such As Crowds, Interiors, And Architecture. They Are Also Commonly Used To Photograph Action Sports Such As Skateboarding, Snowboarding And Surfing.

Many Artists Have Adopted Them Due To The Unusual, Distorted Images They Produce. They Use Them To Take Intriguing Photographs Of All Types Of Subjects, From Still Life To Portraits.

Here Are Some Fabulous Images Taken With A Fisheye Lens:












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