The Importance Of A Website That Downloads Quickly To SEO

A Website That Would Open Up Quicker Is A Ranker In Google Since The Introduction Of The Policy That Says, “Page Speed Is Now A Ranking Factor”. With This Announcement It Was Made Very Clear That Priority Is To Be Given To Websites That Download Faster And Without Consuming Much Of The User’s Time. To Gain A Good Rank You Better Start Considering Time Taken For Your Site To Open So That It Can Secure A Better Position In SEO.

When Pages Competing For Ranks Have A Proximity To Each Other, Then It Is The Load Time Of The Page That Helps SEO Determine Which Website Is To Be Ranked First. While All Other Factors Of Your Website Might Be Excellent Enough To Grab A Good Rank, A Poor Load Time Can Drag Your Website Lower In The Rank.

Users Will Be Undoubtedly Frustrated If Your Page Takes Too Long To Load And This Can Affect Traffic Count To Your Website Which Plays A Crucial Role In Gaining You A Secure Position In SEO. On The Contrary If Your Website Loads Quickly, Users Will Be More Interested In Checking Back As It Would Hardly Consume Time, Escalating Traffic To Your Website. Remember However Dynamic Your Website Might Be Nobody Has The Time To Wait If It Takes Forever To Load.

Site Speed Was Not A Big Concern When It Was First Announced By Google In 2010 As A Factor That Would Matter. But Now Webmasters Have Realized The Importance Of This Crucial Factor And More And More Websites Have Adapted To New Ways That Could Boost Site Speed. SEO Has Directly Given Importance To Websites That Load Faster Than The Others Making Site Speed A Crucial Aspect To Be Considered With Rest Of The Other Steps That People Usually Take To Boost Traffic And Gain A Better Rank In Comparison To Competitor Sites.

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