TypeSWAMP: Matt Chinworth’s Typography Collection

Matt Chinworth Is An Illustrator And Graphic Designer, Born In The Mighty Midwest And Raised In The Cornfields Of Indiana And Now Making His Works Known Around The World. For Now He Is Making Art With School Children In Tulsa, Oklahoma. He Prefers To Stay Busy Creating Artwork Of His Own And Try To Filch As Much As Possible From Their Colorful Little Brains. He Enjoys Making Art That Is Character Driven, Story Based, Or Rooted In Pop Culture.

TypeSWAMP Is Matt’s 365 Day Journal Where He Experiments With Digital And Hand-written Type. His Goal Was To Create Something Fresh Every Single Day For A Whole Year Which He Did In The Best Possible Way. Below Are Some Of Those Works For Inspiration. You Can View The Entire Year’s Typography Work On tumblr. They Are Modern, Creative And Amazingly Attractive Works Which Overwhelmed Us To A Great Deal.

He Also Makes An Illustrated Art Zine With A Friend That Explores New Perspectives And Possible Connotations Of The Phrase “Recycled Futures.” You Can Follow Him On tumblr Or Better Yet You Can Purchase Them At Etsy Shop.

1. Stayin’ Alive

2. Oneohtrix Point Never – R Plus Seven

3. Conceptual Drifting

4. Darkness & Light

5. Standardized

6. Swept Under The Rug

7. Pandemonium – Live

8. Ancient Paths

9. Illuminated O – J&J

10. Label

11. Get Back

12. The Great Outdoors

13. Why?Collage – WIP

14. Why?Collage – Complete

15. Spender Splendor

16. Instant Replay

17. Psycho Killer

18. Flat Land

19. Sloppy Systems

20. TypeSWAMP – Fresh Every Day

21. Be Confident Small Immortals

22. Southeast Archery Club

23. Uncharted Territory

24. Take A Look At These Hands

25. Misunderstood Flying Object

26. Forged Below

27. This Aching Deal

28. Refundable Planets

29. Standout Clone: 2064

30. Beginner’s Luck

31. Fatal Logic

32. Obsolete Tycoon

33. Reading Railroad

34. Sentinel

35. Get Your Freak On

36. Wild(er)ness

37. Come Along For The Ride

39. Monday Nights…So Tired

40. The Outside World

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