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The First Thing To Understanding The Importance Of A Good Cover In Selling Of Any Book Is That People Do Judge A Book By Its Cover. And You Will Be Surprised To Know That Not Few But Most People Will Buy A Book For Two Reasons; First Is If It Comes From A Renowned Writer And Second Is If The Cover Of The Book Holds Their Attention.

As A Graphic Designer, If You Are To Design The Cover Of Your Client’s Book, It Obviously Becomes Your Responsibility In Contributing Toward The Fortune Of The Book. It Is More On Your Cover Design Where Depends The Exposure And Marketing That The Book Is Going To Receive.

You Just Cannot Think Of Something Creative Under The Sun And Make That The Cover Of The Book Just Because You Know That The Book Is On A Woman Who Loves Nature. You Have To Understand The Category Of The Book. Its Genre And Other Characteristic Feature You Have To Know To Decide What Kind Of An Exterior Could Define The Book.

Some Will Say Before Designing The Cover Of The Book, You Have To Read It. Well, Who Has The Time To Read A Whole Book Just Because You Are Assigned The Job To Come Up With A Cover For The Same? I Would Recommend That You Get The Main Ideas About The Book From The Writer So That You Are Acquainted With What Actually Is The Essence Of The Story. Know Its Important Characters And You Are Ready To Play With Your Imagination.

Being Familiar With The Mood Of The Book Is Also Very Important. You Cannot Design A Gloomy Portrait For A Humorous Novel And Similarly A Jovial Design Won’t Go If The Greater Part Of The Book Is On Tragedy. You Obviously Do Not Want To Mislead The Readers With Your Covers; Just Show In The Cover What They Can Actually Get Inside The Book. If It’s Sci-fi, Go For Techs Used In The Book Else Just Skip To Something More Important In The Entire Book.

If Possible Borrow Opinion About The Genre Of The Book From People Who Are More Of Book Lovers. Present Your Piece Of Opinion Before Them And Look If They Get The Idea From Your Design About The Essence Of The Book. Instead Of Being Too Straight About The Book, Your Cover Design Can Actually Portray A Suspense Which Is An Element In The Book. Curiosity Is The Best Reason Book Lovers Need To Buy Any Book. A Cover Which Is Interesting Enough But Has Some Element Of Suspense In It Will Attract More Readers.

Here Take A Look At The Best Book Covers Of 2012 For Your Inspiration. Luckily I Also Noticed That All These Books Have Been The Most Read And Bought Books Of The Year. You See, The Cover Actually Plays Some Crucial Role.


































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