2013 Predictions For Web Designs

Technology Is Evolving With Every New Day And Even Before You Know There Is Something New Out There To Be Tried. Every New Feature And Trend In The World Of Web Designing Brings With It The Curiosity To Be Experimented With And To Witness The Developing Result And Variations That Come Along With It. 2012 Has Left With So Many Trends That We Appreciated And Profited From. With The Beginning Of 2013 We Do Have Some Predictions About What Changes In Web Designing We Are Going To Witness Ahead. While It Is Not Possible To Guess Every New Trend That Might Come Up In 2013 Yet Some We Assume Are Anticipated.

1.More Responsive Designs

Not That Previous Year Designs Were Not Responsive But Coming Ahead We Expect More Responsive Designs From Our Most Admired Designers. And Since More And Mobile Devices And Desktops Are Being Introduced Every Now And They Do Vary In Screen Resolutions, So Responsive Designs Are More In Demand This Year. There Can’t Be Websites Anymore That Fits Fine Only In Some Devices. The Designs Have To Be More Compatible With Smartphone, I-phone, Notepads, Etc. So With This Feature Incorporated In Every Design, The Designers Won’t Have To Design Different Layouts For Different Devices As The Responsive Designs Will Be Apt To Fit In Every Device.

2.Designed Typography

Compared To Designs Of 2012, The New Year’s Designs Are Going To Be More Concentrated About Differently Designed Topography. No More Replacing Text With Catchy Images To Draw User’s Attentions! Amazingly Designed Topographies Can Work Wonders In Your Site Popularity. Designers Have More Amazing Fonts To Choose From And Hence Trendier Designs Are Our Expectations For 2013. Compared To Previous Year, We Predict Topography Designs Will Dominate The Special Effect Of Any Website. More Than Complex Layouts, Designed Topographies Will Be Easier To Interpret And Enhance The Responsiveness Of Any Design.

3.No More Flash

We Are Not Predicting What Will Come Up As A Replacement To Flash But We Are Expecting They Have Seen Too Much Of Their Days And It’s About Time They Are Improved Of Replaced With Anything More Easy To Get Through. Flash Often Crashes The Browser While Updating And Perhaps We Do Have More Options To Serve The Purpose Of What Flash Does. HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, Etc Can Serve The Purpose Better Than Flash Ever Did. It Is Time To Bid Goodbye To Flash This Year As It Already Has Been Discarded By Companies That Have Been Supporting It Since A Long Time.

4.Vertical Scrolling

A Lot Of Websites Already Have Been Using Vertical And Horizontal Scrolling At Least When Optimized For Mobile Usage. We Are Expecting This Trend To Be More In Use In 2013 As Many Websites Still Do Have This Optimization In Their Page. For Usage In Mobile Devices Vertical Scrolling Is Always More Convenient To Use, Faster As Well As Provides Friendly Navigation. We Are Also Expecting Vertical Scrolling Of Menus And Buttons In 2013. The Header Menu Also Needs To Scroll Down With The Page So That The User Does Not Have To Go Back Up To Select Another Menu Option. In Shopping And E-commerce Websites This Change Will Be Really Convenient For Users To Navigate Through The Page.

5.Parallax Scrolling

We Are Expecting That Parallax Scrolling Will Be Brought Back To Usage In 2013 And Its Effect Will Seen Incorporated In Most Of The Website’s Design. Sometimes Earlier This Trend Was Followed But Only For Video Games. However, In 2013 We Are Predicting That This Feature Will Increase The Depth Of Design Objects On The Website Being Designed.

6.Larger Images

Topography Will Dominate The Header Of Any Website But Image Still Plays An Important Part In Making An Impact On The User’s View About The Website. Larger Images Are Always Easy To Interpret And Users Find It More Convenient When They Don’t Have To Click On The Image To Enlarge It For A Clear View. Especially More Mobile Optimization Of Websites It Is More Important That The Images Need To Be Clearer And Bigger. For Now We Have Come Across Most Sites Keeping Bandwidth And Data Usage In Mind By Only Serving Large Images To Those With Large Screens. There Will Be Larger Visual Images In 2013 For Convenience Of The Users.



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