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Since 1980s, The Art Form By Pouring Steamed Milk Into A Shot Of Espresso, Or So Called Latte Art, Has Been Widely Welcomed Within Modern Society, Which Thirsts For Elegance And Beauty. With The Strong Need Of The Society, The Baristas, Coffeehouse Bartenders Have Sought For Creativity And Evolution For The Latte Art Since Then, Resulting In Plethora Of Patterns And Even Variants In The Industry. Latte Art Is Not Just About Showing The Artistic Talent Of The Baristas, But Making The Latte More Visually Speaking, Sexy And Apparently More Delicious. This Art Turns Your Average Cup Of Cappuccino Into A True Masterpiece.

Latte Art Is A Method Of Preparing Coffee Created By Pouring Steamed Milk Into A Shot Of Espresso And Resulting In A Pattern Or Design On The Surface Of The Resulting Latte. It Can Also Be Created Or Embellished By Simply Drawing In The Top Layer Of Foam.

Latte Art Is A Mixture Of Two Colloids, The Crema, Which Is An Emulsion Of Coffee Oil And Brewed Coffee And The Microfoam Which Is A Foam Of Air In Milk. Crema Dissipates From Espresso, While Microfoam Separates Into Drier Foam And Milk. Latte Art Requires First Producing Espresso With Crema And Microfoam, And Then Combining These To Make Latte Art. Before The Milk Is Added, The Espresso Shot Must Have A Creamy Brown Surface, An Emulsion Known As Cream. As The White Foam From The Milk Rises To Meet The Red/brown Surface Of The Shot, A Contrast Is Created And The Design Emerges. As The Milk Is Poured, The Foam Separates From The Liquid And Rises To The Top. If The Milk And Espresso Shot Are Just Right, And The Pitcher Is Moved During The Pour, The Foam Will Rise To Create A Pattern On The Surface. Alternatively, A Pattern May Be Etched With A Stick After The Milk Has Been Poured, Rather Than During The Pour.

There Are Two Main Types Of Latte Art” Free Pouring (pattern Created During The Pour) And Etching (using A Tool To Create A Pattern After The Pour). Free Pouring Is Far More Common In American Cafes, And Requires Little Additional Time In Preparing A Drink.


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