30 Mesmerizing Underwater Photography For Inspiration




Of All The Photography Techniques, Underwater Photography Is Most Difficult One Since It Requires Special Skills And Set Of Equipments To Get The Perfect Shot. It Is Usually Done While Scuba Diving, But Can Be Done While Diving On Surface Supply, Snorkeling, Swimming, From A Submersible Or Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle, Or From Automated Cameras Lowered From The Surface.
Successful Underwater Imaging Is Usually Done With Specialized Equipment And Techniques. However, It Offers Exciting And Rare Photographic Opportunities. Animals Such As Fish And Marine Mammals Are Common Subjects, But Photographers Also Pursue Shipwrecks, Submerged Cave Systems, Underwater Landscapes, Invertebrates, Seaweeds, Geological Features, And Portraits Of Fellow Divers.
It Is Completely Mesmerizing To See A Good Underwater Image Only If The Photographer Has Got It Right. You Must Get The Exact Exposure, Precise Focus, Controlled Movement Of Your Subject And A Gratifying Color Balance; You Also Have To Deal With Low Light. Underwater Photos Often Tend To Suffer From Loss Of Color And Contrast When Taken At A Considerable Depth. Such Photos Are Always Attuned With Color Balance To Help Offset The Bluish Tint Of The Water.

Some Cameras Are Made For Use Underwater, Including Modern Waterproof Digital Cameras. Cameras Made For Dry Work Can Also Work Underwater, Protected By Special Housings That Are Made For Various Digital Points And Shoot Cameras, Digital Compact Cameras With Full Exposure Controls, And SLRs. The Use Of A Flash Or Strobe Is Often Regarded As The Most Difficult Aspect Of Underwater Photography. Some Misconceptions Exist About The Proper Use Of Flash Underwater, Especially As It Relates To Wide-angle Photography.

The Flash Should Be Used To Enhance The Overall Exposure And To Restore Lost Color, Not As The Primary Light Source.

Since Underwater Photography Is Often Performed While Scuba Diving, It Is Important That The Diver-photographer Be Sufficiently Skilled So That It Remains A Reasonably Safe Activity. Good Scuba Technique Also Has An Impact On The Quality Of Images, Since Marine Life Is Less Likely To Be Scared Away By A Calm Diver, And The Environment Is Less Likely To Be Damaged Or Disturbed. There Is The Possibility Of Encountering Poor Conditions, Such As Heavy Currents, Tidal Flow, Or Poor Visibility. Underwater Photographers Usually Try To Avoid These Situations Whenever Possible.

At The End Of The Day The Photographs Taken Underwater Have To Be Edited Professionally To Give It The Right Contrast And Colors. Here Are Some Stunningly Amazing Underwater Pictures.

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