How to Improve the UX of an eCommerce Site

The conversion rate of an eCommerce site depends on how rich and soothing user experience you can give to your potential web customers. This encourages them to come to your site and make purchases again and again. In order to convert your targeted web audience into customers, then make sure that you provide them the seamless user experience, without any distraction.

Optimizing the overall performance of your site, tweaking the web design, giving free shipping/delivery option, simplifying checkout process, and adding quality product images are some of the key tricks that can boost your UX and maximize your online sales to a great extent. But if you really want to take the shopping experience of your to the next level, then you need to get more serious about your conversion rate.

Below are some crucial tips that will help you retain your existing web customers and also encourage web visitors to become a regular customer in your store.


1. Speed is a key

You can’t gain your customer’ attention if your website or product images load slowly. A web visitor/customer could leave your online store if it takes longer to load a product page or an image. They don’t even come to your site again if they don’t get the soothing shopping experience.

So, make sure you improve the overall speed of your eCommerce site and give your visitors a hassle-free experience when they are making the purchase from your store. You can optimize the image files of your images, compress the JS and CSS files, use CDN services, use caching, Compress data and always opt for fast hosting servers– this will intensify your store’s speed and give your visitor’s a rich shopping experience.

2. Focus on large and quality product images

Product images are one of the critical parts of your web store that galvanize web visitors to make buying decision instantly. No matter what you are selling online, just make sure that your product images are large, accessible and beautiful.

Large and high-quality product images give the clear picture about your products so that web customers can make the decision on the fly. You can even offer multiple images with different angles of your product to let the visitors understand about the item with ease.

3. Simple and easy navigation

Navigation functionality, especially on eCommerce site should be seamless. Having a complex web design makes higher the chances of losing potential web customers. If your visitors find difficulties in navigating through your product pages or categories, then they will immediately abandon your site, without even wasting a single minute – this will drastically decrease your conversions.

In order to improve the conversion rate of your store, you need to ensure that your navigation is simple, user-friendly and manageable. You can also add automatic scrolling feature to give your visitors a soothing navigation experience. Also, improve your search bar functionality to let customers find the desired product instantly. Focus on creating a simple and user-friendly  navigation  system if you want to generate higher conversion rate for your web store.

4. Strengthen the security of your e-store

Having a secure online store means you are giving your web customers a sense of relief while they are processing payments online on your store. But building a trust in terms of higher security is not as easy as you think. You need to keep your site updated with the latest tools and technologies so that you can give your web customers a safe and secure online payment processing functionality.

In fact, Google has made it clear that it will prefer a site which is HTTPS (a more safe and secure form of HTTP) when it comes to determining the page rankings. But having an HTTPS won’t be enough. To build more trust, make sure you clarify the security and privacy policies of your store and also provide clear links to customer service on each and every webpage.

5. Simplify your checkout process

Keep the checkout process of your online store straightforward. Never go for complex design, otherwise, you could lose your potential web customers. Creating a simple and user-friendly checkout page is one the best ways to improve the conversion rate of an eCommerce site.

Ensure that your customers fill out the entire checkout information instantly. Don’t let them face difficulty while processing through your checkout page. If you really want to give rich customer experience, then avoid adding ads, or any other distractions on your checkout page – just keep the things simple.

6. Amplify your filter options

Convert new visitors into customers by enhancing the product filtering options of your web store. Make sure that you provide powerful filtering options based on price, brand, gender, size, color, type, and so on to those who visit your web store. Allow them to refine the options so that they can get the desired item instantly.

You should simplify your search process to let your customers boast the shopping experience on your eCommerce site. Categorize your products in a well-organized way so that customers can get what they want on the fly.


These are the six striking tips that will drastically improve the UX of your eCommerce site and let you convert your visitors into potential customers and subscribers instantly. These tips will help you retain your existing customers and allow you to expand your customer’s reach across the globe.

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