Luis Miguel Torres – Featured Designer

Enigmatic And Erratic, Luis Miguel Torres Has Been Gifted With A Keen Eye For All Things Graphic. Full Of Life And Color, His Compositions Are The Definition Of Eye-candy. Textures, Gradients, Shapes & Patterns All Merge Together In Perfect Harmony Creating A Visual Style That Is As Original As The Composer Himself. As The Founding Member Of AVIV Studio, Luis Has Made The Jump From The Bi-dimensional To The 3D Realm Mastering Motion Graphics, Typography, Branding & Illustration With Outstanding Results. His List Of Clients Includes Nissan, Nike, ESPN, Just To Name A Few. His Passions Include Listening To EDM, Drinking, Eating Pizza And Becoming Energized Working With People From Anywhere On Our Ever Evolving Planet.

Luis Miguel Torres Is A Designer With A Distinctive Method And A Set Of Sturdy Attitude About His Place In The Design World. Luis’s Style Can Vary From Photo Manipulation To An Intense Collage Of Several Different Stocks That Are Merged To Complete Concord. Whatever Style Luis Uses In His Art, You Can Gamble It Will Always Come Out Amusing To The Eyes.

He’s A 24 Years Old Mexican Who Studied Architecture But Is Currently Working As A Graphic Designer. About Three Years Ago, Maybe A Bit More, He Started Using Photoshop Mostly As A Hobby, But In Early 2007 He Got Into It Really And That’s When It All Began. At That Time, Things Were Difficult And He Couldn’t Leave His Room For About Eight Months. Working With Photoshop Passed From Being A Hobby To His Escape, It Became A Way Not Only To Escape His Thoughts But Even Reality. It Became Rather Like A Therapeutic Tool Where He Would Find A Relief Expressing Things With Images. When He Got Better, I Started Working As A Freelance Graphic Designer. He Still Does Freelance And Works On Different Projects.

I Try Not To Define My Work With A Certain Style. I Can Say My Work Is A Mixture Of Ideas. I Develop Within Time And I Guess It’s Somewhat Psychedelic, But Still, That Is Just A Tag.

Luis Tries To Make It So That Every Element From The Work Has A Certain Meaning And Has A Reason To Be. Sometimes, There Are Many Things In These Compositions, But Still He Keeps A Balance So They Don’t End Up Extremely Saturated To The Point That They Wouldn’t Be Understood. He Says That Most Of The Time The Ideas Of His Designs Are Born Within His Dreams And Some Others Are Inspired By Music And Distorted Realities. His Principal Influences Are: The Music From Shpongle, The Ideas Of Terrence McKenna And Nature. Nature Is Really Important, Even Watching A Tree Can Be Inspiring; By The Way It Moves With The Wind, Its Movement Creates Forms, Interesting Forms.

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