Tang Yau Hoong’s Negative Space illusion is Indeed an Inspiration

Tang Yau Hoong Is A Self Taught Illustrator Born And Based In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He Loves Playing With Negative Space And Illusion In His Artwork. The Illustrations Created By Tang Are Mostly Conceptual, Dreamlike And Inconspicuous. Since 2007, Tang Has Gone Freelance Working With Clients Globally In Various Fields Ranging From Editorial, Advertising, T-shirt, Poster, Book Cover, Print And Etc.

His Works May Look Straightforward At First Glimpse, But Actually They Are Intricate Puzzles That Take Some Time To Comprehend. If You Like Them, You Can Even Buy Artistic T-shirts With His Negative Space Illustrations And Give Your Friends Headaches When They Try To Figure Out The Meaning Behind Them.

His Main Focus Is To Create Graphics That Spark The Viewer. As An Illustrator, He Tries To Express Messages Visually. Tang’s Love For Simplicity Has Encouraged Him To Make Illustrations As Simple As Possible. That In Mind, Hoong Never Limits Him To A Certain Style Or Medium And Always Tries To Create Something Fresh! Check Out His Art To See What We Mean!

1. In Nostalgic Mood

2. Journey To The City Of No Horizon

3. Light Painter

4. The Lake Show

5. Beware Of Those Hands.

6. The Sound Of Nature

7. Swinging In The Light

8. Coexistence

9. Day Vs. Night.

10. Sky Aperture.

11. Moustacheville

12. In Flying Colors

13. The Haunting Hand

14. Sky Invader

15. Droplet

16. Reach For The Light

17. Skyzip

18. Dawn

19. Going Up

20. Deep Inside The Feather

21. Home

22. Feather Of Life

23. Sound Of Nature: Piano

24. Ernest Hemingway

25. Pool Of Light

26. Ice Cream

27. Tangled

28. Peep

29. Abduction

30. Found Anything Yet?

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