How to Save Web Design Tutorials From Online Video Streams

When you’re learning about web design, one of the resources that you’re almost certainly going to want to take advantage of are the numerous tutorials that are freely available online. These tutorials cover most aspects of web design, and are an excellent way to learn about design elements as well as typography, icons, graphics, and other topics related to it.


Of course because these web design tutorials are mostly available as online video streams, you will require an active internet connection to watch them. If you’d rather not be put in a situation where you aren’t able to watch a tutorial that you need because your internet connection isn’t available – why not save it by using Movavi Screen Capture Studio.

To save any web design tutorial regardless of the platform that it is on, you can capture it with Movavi Screen Capture Studio. Seeing as it is a PC video capture software that is designed to be easy to use, it should come as no surprise that it only takes a few straightforward steps to record and save any web design tutorials:

  1. Set the capture frame to encompass the web design tutorial.
  2. Select ‘System Audio’ as the audio source.
  3. Click ‘REC’ to start recording and play the tutorial at the same time.
  4. Click ‘Stop’ when the tutorial is done and ‘Save’ to save it.

Aside from allowing you to save web design tutorials with such ease, Movavi Screen Capture Studio has the added benefit of including numerous video editing features within its software. In this particular case you may want to use those features to trim out any video footage that was accidentally recorded, improve the quality of your videos overall, or extract important parts from tutorials so that you can save them separately for easy access.

However if you want you can also use the features available to apply special effects, insert customizable text, add audio tracks for background music or voiceovers, and much more. Assuming you ever want to create a video tutorial of your own, the editing features in Movavi Screen Capture Studio will be able to give you everything you need.

Go ahead and try to record a web design tutorial using Movavi Screen Capture Studio. When you do you’ll be able to experience how easy it is firsthand, and can then start to explore the other features and what they are capable of as well.

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