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Why Web Designers Need to Understand SEO

We covered a lot of topics on web design and user experience here on The Design Mag. User experience is the primary focus of web and app design today, mainly because users’ experience has...


4 Of The Best Ways To Keep A Website Online

Websites are great when they are online. When they are offline, they are a nightmare. Hopefully, the last time the site went down won’t be easy for you to remember. This means the problems...


8 Tested Guidelines for Creative Advertising

In the previous article, Graphic Designers were my special focus but in this article i will discusse the guidelines which are very essential and worth reading for all the people who are directily or...


Magazine – An Effective Advertising Medium

A magazine is more effective when targeted to niche readers, and while creating a value, ultimately can attract the advertisers. Soft versions of magazines increased the readership, while hard versions got more penetration into...

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How to Improve the UX of an eCommerce Site

The conversion rate of an eCommerce site depends on how rich and soothing user experience you can give to your potential web customers. This encourages them to come to your site and make purchases...


E-commerce: Is PayPal The Right Choice?

Okay, you have everything you need to set up your killer online business. You have a great product, a beautiful and functional site, and you have a list of clients ready to invest. All...


DIY Graphic Design: Learn From The Pros

In an ideal world, you’d have enough capital reserves floating around to simply outsource all your graphic design needs to an experienced professional, and never have to worry about the details yourself. Unfortunately, we... xvideos-jav