Simple SEO Tips You Wished Someone Had Told You About Years Ago

The magical world of SEO is one that many know about but few fail to understand. Search engine optimization refers to a complex set of rules to make your web pages rank well in search engines.

Most people leave that work to SEO experts. You might well want to do the same thing too! But before you do, it’s important to gain a better understanding of how SEO works and why it is needed.


Why is SEO so important?

When people launch new websites, many assume they will rank well for certain keyword searches. The truth is that will only happen if you optimize your website for search engines.

There are few on-site and off-site steps you need to take so that your site becomes popular for your desired keywords. Those steps aren’t that difficult to put in place; they just take a lot of time to action. Here is an insight into the steps used by an SEO company in Maidenhead:

Keep content relevant

One thing that a lot of website owners get caught out on is not keeping their content relevant. For instance, if your website is about gardening, having pages devoted to mobile phone reviews isn’t on topic.

If your content writing skills aren’t that great, it would be best to hire a copywriter to help you out. They can produce excellent text content that includes your desired keywords. All this, without making everything look spammy!

Link to internal pages

Many years ago there was a huge emphasis in the SEO community for website owners to focus on incoming links alone. One factor that Google and other search engines now focus on is internal links.

In a nutshell, these are links from one page in your website to another. Using the gardening website again as an example, let’s say you have a page that talks about the best soil to use in your garden.

From that page, you could also link to another page that describes the different types of soil you can buy.

Make the content accessible

Websites are accessed by all sorts of visitors. We know that people view websites on computers and mobile devices like smartphones. But some folks might use special screen-reading software if they have sight disabilities.

Website owners can make content more accessible in a variety of different ways. For instance, “alt” tags can get used on images to describe what they are. HTML5 animations can get used instead of Adobe Flash.

Use unique page titles

Today’s last SEO step is about unique page titles. Some web software like forums and content management systems might generate page titles on the fly. The trouble is; some of those systems might use the same title (i.e. the site name) for every page!

One thing that Google says is essential in SEO is to use unique page titles. Also, it goes without saying that the page titles you use must relate to the page’s content. That means your page title can’t be named “The USA rocks!” if the page content talks about the UK.

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